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TUF 'Nations' Finale results: Patrick Cote wins decision over Kyle Noke

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The home favorite made 'em happy!


The co-main event of tonight's (Wed., April 16, 2014) The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Nations Finale fight card in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, featured the coaches of Team Canada and Team Australia battling it out, as Patrick Cote took on Kyle Noke in a welterweight showcase.

It took all of one minute for "ole" chants to ring out through the arena. Cote had the home advantage, clearly.

He gave them plenty to cheer about early, landing hard and clean on Noke throughout the duration of the opening frame. He followed that up with a takedown and postured up to land some hard shots while on top. Actually, the round ended with Cote still in that position having cruised to a 10-9 advantage.

His fortunes changed in the second when Cote shot in for a takedown and Noke drilled him with a knee with pinpoint precision and even better timing. "The Predator" managed to survive the ensuing onslaught of punches and elbows, but he came out with a cut on his head and looking far worse the wear.

Amazingly enough, he made a comeback from there, earning another takedown and once again scoring with offense from there. Enough to make it even as the horn sounded on the round?

Into the third, in what both had to think was a close fight, Noke turned it up striking and found some success only for Cote to grab yet another takedown and work hard to stay busy from a superior position. It was clear the judges would have to decide between the striker and the grappler here. Considering positioning, one would think they would lean towards the home guy.

The scores came in: 29-28, 29-28, and 30-27, all in favor of Cote.

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