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Chael Sonnen calls out Rich Franklin after 'CAN-derlei' Silva asked to postpone UFC 175 grudge match

At this point, it's anybody's guess as to whether or not the much-anticipated fight between Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva will actually take place.


It may have taken longer than Chael Sonnen and Dana White would have liked, but Wanderlei Silva finally signed on the dotted line to face "The American Gangster" inside the Octagon for a light heavyweight fight that was supposed to take place at UFC Fight Night 42 in Brazil on May 31, 2014.

Of course, the bout was recently moved to UFC 175 over Fourth of July weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, which hosts International Fight Week as well at the UFC Fan Expo.

However, according to recent tweets from Sonnen, Silva has now asked White to postpone the much-anticipated fight for another date. A move that prompted Sonnen to call out Rich Franklin as his Plan B.

At least, that's the best we could make out based on this series of tweets from "The American Gangster."


While the fight has yet to be scrapped, Sonnen is adamant that "The Axe Murderer" will find way to '"weasel out" of their fight, which means all of this may have been for nothing. And judging by his claim that Silva has asked the fight to be postponed, Chael may know something that outside observers are not privy to.


As far as calling out former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin, that's still quite a head-scratcher. It could be due to the fact that "Ace" still has a fight left on his UFC contract and recently expressed his desire for a third fight against Anderson Silva, the man who defeated him on two separate occasions.

While a trilogy bout between "The Spider" and Franklin is unlikely to happen given the outcome of their previous two bouts, perhaps a fight between Sonnen and Franklin is more likely to see the light of day.

Chael wants it, do you?

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