Fantasy Matchmaking

Hello maniacs!

I have to go back to work in the morning (after two glorious weeks of annual leave), so I thought I would make one more post!

Below is the fight I want to see in each weight class in the UFC. These are all fights that could happen, as they are all close to each other in the rankings!

Women’s Bantamweight

Jessamyn Duke vs Bethe Correia

The UFC has been kind and already made this match up. I loved the look of Duke on TUF and her range is going to present lots of problems for the shorter Correia. The best thing I saw in the Correia/Kedzie fight, was how unintimidated Correia was despite having much less experience and nowhere near the name recognition of Kedzie. She came out, put on a great fight and got the W. This tells me she won’t be intimidated to throw down and try to get on the inside of Duke. We all saw what happened with Duke & Pennington and all I can hope is both girls bring the attitude of their last fight into this one.

Winner: Duke - I think in the end Duke keeps at range and picks her apart, but as I said Correia looked surprisingly good against Kedzie, and could easily do the same to Duke who is still very green.


John Dodson vs Joseph Benavidez

I can’t believe this fight hasn’t happened yet. Both top fighters in the division have fought for the title and both are unbelievably skilled. Benavidez is obviously coming off a devastating knockout loss to Johnson, but I think it was a case of anybody can get caught on any given day. This would be fought at an unbelievable pace and would predominately be a stand up war. With both fighters diversity, it would be interesting to see if they try to gain an advantage on the mat by utilising their wrestling, or if they wanted to stand and bang.

Winner: Dodson - Because I think this stays on the feet, I think eventually Dodson catches Benavidez and proves he is the number two guy in the division!


TJ Dillashaw vs Michael McDonald

These are two young guys with a long future ahead of them. I find this interesting as it is more than just the striker vs wrestler match up. Like all of the Team Alpha Male products, Dillashaw has improved his striking immensely which also helps his ability to get the takedown. McDonald is the hardest puncher at 135 and obviously has a well-rounded skillset (although anything on the mat I think he is at a disadvantage). So this would be a case of how well McDonald’s TDD is. If he keeps it standing, it will be interesting to see just how good Dillashaw’s striking is.

Winner: Dillashaw- I think Dillashaw gets the take down and controls him on the mat. It would be a great fight either way and I would be pumped to see it.


Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes

This is one of only two rematches I have made. I also realise I have 3 Alpha Male guys on here, but they are exciting fighters and they are obviously a great team. Since the knockout loss, Mendes has been on a tear. His striking has improved dramatically and I think a wrestling base with great striking and great cardio is the key to beating Aldo. Jose Aldo needs no introduction and it is clear what he can do. The biggest question in this match would be has Mendes improved enough to close the gap and take the title.

Winner: Mendes – I know I am a huge fan, so I am obviously biased but I think Mendes mixes it up well on the feet to get the takedown and control Aldo on the mat. As the fight goes on, Mendes’ cardio would hold up where as Aldo would fade. It would make a great rematch and if Aldo wins I think it would be time for him to move to 155 (I don’t think Cub has a chance against him which is the only other fight that could conceivably be made if Mendes lost).


Diego Sanchez vs Joe Lauzon

This would be epic. Sanchez would obviously be looking for a stand up war which I think Lauzon will engage him with. What would be interesting is what happens after the initial confrontations (provided there is no finish). If Sanchez is getting beaten he will try to punch his way out of it, but if he has the upper hand Lauzon will try to take it to the ground and get the sub. No matter what this would have to be a FOTY candidate.

Winner: Sanchez – His chin is ridiculous, so I think even if he is on the wrong side of some exchanges he wouldn’t be finished. As good as Lauzon is, he goes so hard early that he often slows down if he can’t get the finish Sanchez and I think Sanchez loses the first round but comes back to either finish late or get the UD.


Hector Lombard vs Carlos Condit

This would be immense on so many levels. Two of the best strikers at 170 and I doubt either would be looking to take this too the mat. Lombard is the heavier hitter; however Condit has a more diverse range of strikes. I know people aren’t really on board with Lombard, but I think now he is at his correct weight fans will get to see just how good he is.

Winner: Condit – As much as I love Lombard, I just think the diversity of strikes from Condit gets him over the line. Obviously Lombard has his Judo to fall back on, but even on the ground Condit is lethal off his back. But I would gladly pay to see this fight!


Lyoto Machida vs Jacare Souza

Since Jacare 2.0 has come to life he has looked like a beast. Very few people have done what he did to Okami, and although he went to a decision against Carmont he still looked impressive against a grinding wrestler. Machida is at his best weight and has the sort of hype around him that he did when he originally came to the UFC.

Winner: Machida – Jacare isn’t getting the fight to the ground, Machida’s TDD was phenomenal at LHW so at Middleweight you have to assume it would be even better. As good as Jacare has become on the feet, Machida’s counter striking and unique style would be the catalyst for the win.

Light Heavyweight

Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier

I dislike Daniel Cormier. I have no issues saying that. I like Jon Jones despite the ridiculous comments he recently made ( I think Bones beats Cormier convincingly and I want to see it. There is nothing further than this; I just want to see Cormier get beaten down. Jones’ reach advantage should see the fight play out like a lot of his other ones. It is well and good to have an Olympic wrestling pedigree, but if you can’t close the gap to take advantage, than it’s pointless. Even if he does get the takedown, I don’t see Cormier getting the finish and at worst I see Jones avoiding the takedown for three rounds for a UD.

Winner: Jones – See above


Mark Hunt vs Alistair Overeem

This fight would be all kinds of fun. Even though it’s a rematch, Overeem is fighting a completely different person to who he fought in Dream. Two of the hardest hitting heavyweights, always in fun scraps, and with Hunt’s ability to get into wars and Overeem’s ability to get KTFO, I think we would see a brilliant stand up war with a highlight real finish.

Winner: Hunt – Hunt can take a punch and can still hit very hard all the way through the fight. Overeem has more diversity and showed a greater tank in the Mir fight, but I think if they go into deep waters, Hunt has the heart to get the win which is what Overeem lacks.

I realise most of these fights would be stand up wars. I do love seeing technical ground wars, but these are the most interesting fights per class for me.

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