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GLORY 14 results, live fight coverage stream for 'Cro Cop vs Bonjasky' Zagreb event on Spike TV

GLORY 14 takes place in Zagreb, Croatia, this afternoon (Sat., March 8, 2014) from Arena Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia. Headlining the kickboxing card is a main event between hometown legend Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic and Remy Bonjasky. A four-man middleweight "Contender" tournament and a lightweight title fight between Andy Risite vs. Davit Kiria is also on tap for the card. MMAmania will be cageside for all the action; therefore, get full GLORY 14 results and live fight results right here, right now!

Right kick hospital, left kick cemetery!

GLORY kickboxing returns today (Sat., March 8, 2014) LIVE from Arena Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia, with the main event between kickboxing legends Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic and Remy Bonjasky, a four-man middleweight "Contender" tournament and the lightweight title fight between Andy Ristie and Davit Kiria.

The first bout is scheduled for 6:15 p.m. local Croatia time, which means live coverage from will start around noon ET right here (see below). The fights will then air on Spike TV via tape delay at 9 p.m. ET and will stream online. Prior to the main card the GLORY Superfight Series will feature six fights and will also stream online.

You can watch both the Superfight Series and main card here, live, before the tape-delayed Spike TV telecast.


Spike TV Main Card:

Remy Bonjasky def Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic via majority decision (29-28,29-28,28-28)

Alex Pereira def Sahak Parparyan by majority decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-28)

Davit Kiria def Andy RIstie by KO RD5 2:22 *Kiria new Glory lightweight champion
Alex Pereira def Dustin Jacoby via KO RD1 2:02 
Sahak Parparyan def Jason Wilnis by split decision (29-28,29-28,28-29)

GLORY Superfight Series:

Mladen Brestovac vs. Jahfarr Wilnis via KO RD1 1:19
Benjamin Adebugyi def Dmyto Bezus via TKO RD2 1:53
Aikpracha Meenayothin def Albert Kraus  via split decision (30-28, 29-28, 28-29)
Igor Jurkovic def. Michael Duut via KO RD1
Karapet Karapetyan def Artur Kyshenko via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)
Murthel Groenhart  def. Teo Mikelic via TKO (cut) RD1 3:00


Mirko Filipovic vs. Remy Bonjasky

Round one: Cro Cop throws a left hight kick right of the bat. Crowd cheering Mirko, Mirko. Bonjasky misses a knee. Cro Cop lands a huge shout to the body. Cro Cop lands a cross. Bonjasky misses a high kick. Cro Cop stops another knee attempt. Cro Cop pushes him against the ropes. The two clinch up and Cro Cop blocks a high kick on the break. Cro Cop lands another big body shot.

Round two: Clinch by both fighters to start. Cro Cop pushes Bonjasky into corner. Teep by Bonjasky and he falls after missing a high kick. Cro Cop blocks a low kick. Bonjasky slips in corner. Cro Cop lands another body shot. Bonjasky misses a hih kick. Cro Cop catches a kick but cant capitalize. Bonjasky lands a low kick. Cro Cop lands a cross and pushes Bonjasky into the corner. Cro Cop threatens in the corner with a couple of punches.

Round three: Cro Cop throws a left to start the round. They clinch up and Bonjasky almost falls through ropes. A low blow by Bonjasky halts the action temporarily. Cro Cop catches another kick and throws Bonjasky down. High right kick blocked by Bonjasky. Cro Cop catches another Bonjasky kick and tosses him to the mat. Low blow by Cro Cop and ref halts action once again. Right straight by Cro COp and he moves in and puts Bonjaky on ropes. Cro Cop slips and falls. Knee by Cro Cop. Left high kick by Cro Cop just misses. Cro Cop catches yet another kick and throws Bonjasky down. Left high kick by Cro Cop at bell is blocked by Bonjasky.

Final result: Remy Bonjasky def Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic by majority decision (29-28,29-28,28-28)


Alex Pereira vs. Sahak Parparyan *Middleweight Contender Tournament Final

Round one: Pereira comes out with a two-punch combo and a knee. Pereria lands two jabs in a row and a hook to  the body. Parparyan lands a low kick. Pereira drops Parparyan with a right cross. Referee gives standing eight count. Pereira has Parparyan on the ropes. Parparyan on the defensive. He fires back with two punches. Pereira misses a back kick. Left hook by Parparyan. Pereira lands a right.  and misses another. Parparyan misses a teep at the bell.

Round two: Pereira lands a punch and Parparyan nods and eggs him on. Pereira mixing it up with several punches. Parparyan wiffs on a big right hand. Pereira just misses on a spinning heel kick. Parparyan lands a good shot to the body. Parparyan throws a knee that doesnt get through. Parparyan lands a right and attempts a knee himself. Pereira misses a knee and they clinch at bell.

Round three: Parparyan fires a combo and Pereira throws a knee and then lands an outside low kick. Parparyan throws a right that misses. Pereira misses with a right also. PErier lands a jab anda hook to the body. Pereira lands tow jabs and then backs himself up into ropes. Parparyan lands a right. Pereira backs into the corner again. Parparyan misses a high kick at bell.

Final result: Alex Pereira def Sahak Parparyan by majority decision (29-27,29-27,28-28)

Andy Ristie vs. Davit Kiria

Round one: Lightweight title up for grabs. Ristie comes out with a knee and a cross. Kiria misses a hook. Kiria throws a jab. Ristie moves inside and attempts another knee. Kiria clinches up. Ristie pushes off with a teep. Ristie lands a jab. Kira lands a hook. RIstie lands a knee thats partially blocked. Ristie lands a hook to the body. Kiria lands a hook. Two small jabs by Ristie and he eats a right cross by Kiria. Kiia fire a left and a right. Ristie misses a right cross . They clinch up in middle. Risie lands a hook and Kiria clinches up . Ristie is measuring with his left hand. Kiria misses badly with a spinning back kick. Pause for Kira  dropping his mouth piece.

Round two: Ristie floors Kiria with a knee while he was ducking.  Ristie moving in aggressively now. Attempts two big punches and a jumping knee. Ristie with two punches to the body and two more before missing a hook. Measuring again with Left hand. Kira moves inside. Ristie lands another cross and teep. and an outside low kick. Ristei tries for clinch. Kiria lands a jab. Ristie feints and lands a kick to the body. Kira firse off a jab and cross. Ristie pushes Kiria into the corner, lands two punches and and almost connects on a flying knee.

Round three: Ristie comes out more aggressive and misses first few punches. Kiria clinches up again. Kiria lands a solid straight. Ristie attacks the body and lands a straight of his own. Kiria pushes off then hangs back before connecting on a teep. Ristie comes inside and Kiria clinches. Kiria lands a teep to the chest. Ristie clinches up now. Ristie lands two straight to the stomach. Ristie catchs a kick and throws Kiria to floor. Kiria misses two wild kick attempts and falls after each one.

Round four: Kiria lands a combo. Risteie feints and then throws a kick. Kiria misses another crazy spinning back kick. Ristine lands  a straight right and a knee. RIstie lands a right cross. Kiria lands a one-two combo. Ristie throws a high kick that Kiria blocks. Kiria ducks under a RIstie punch and clinches. Kiria misses yet another wild kick attempt.

Round five: Kiria misses an ax kick. Time stopped for Kiria dropping his mouth piece. Ristie flicks up a high kick. Kiria thows a hook. Kiria rocks Ristie with a big punch that puts him on the ropes. Referee steps in for standing eight. Action resumes and Ristie is still dazed. Kiria swarming in with punches and drops him again. Referee gives another standing eight count. Action resumes once more Kiria is smelling blood. He lands a right cross followed by a left hook that sends Ristie flailing into ropes and onto the floor for the knockout.

Final result: Davit Kiria def Andy Ristie by KO RD5 2:22


Dustin Jacoby vs. Alex Pereira

Round one: Pereria lands a right hook  and backs Jacoby up with a kick. Jacoby lands an outside leg kick. Pereira misses a hook. Jacoby misses a left hook. Jacoby lands an inside leg kick. Pereira lands a jab. Jacoby lnds a hook and ands outside leg kick. Jacoby lands a body punch and a hook.Pereira misses a hook kick. Jacoby misses a back kick. Pereira clinches and thoews  ankee. He lands a clies corss and orkcs Jacoby. Pereira lands a clean left hook and ends Jacoby's night. Brutal punch for the finish and Jacoby slams his head on canvas. Jacoby was down for a good amount of time.

Final result: Alex Pereira def Dustin Jacoby by KO RD1 2:02


Sahak Parparyan vs. Jason Wilnis

Round one: Wilnis lands a jab and an outside kick to start off. Parparyan answers with a combination of his own. Wilnis misses with a high kick. Wlinis avoids two punches and than lands a kick. Wilnis lands another body kick. Both fighters trade shots in middle of ring. Wilnis lands another body kick. Wilis lands a jab and an outside kick. Parparyan lands an outside leg kick. Parparyan lands a cross and avoids a hook by Wilnis. Parparyan lands a one-two combo.

Round two: Parparyan lands an outside leg kick. Wilnis answers with a jab and a low kick. Parparyan blocks a punch and the two clinch up. Parparyan throws a right hook and a low kick. Wilnis lands a flurry. Parparyan connects on a teep. Wilnis again attacks the body followed by a jab. Parparyan lands a body punch and avoids a hook by Wilnis. Another outside low kick by Parparyan. Parparyan backs up Wilnis and Wilnis attacks his body with two punches.

Round three: Jab by Wilnis. Body punch lands for Parparyan. Outside low kick by Parparyan. Jab and a cross connect by Wilnis. Wilnis goes low and high with punches. Parparyan catches a kick and throws a cross that doesn't land clean. Parparyan again goes after WIlnis body with punches. Wilnis lands an outside kick as he eats a punch. Wilnis lands another jab. Parparyan sends Wilnis into the ropes with a teep. Parparyan charges in with a combo. Parparyan throws a combo at the bell.

Final result: Sahak Parparyan def. Jason Wilnis by split decision (29-28,29-28,28-29)


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