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Pic: EA Sports UFC video game reveals in-screen debut for Ronda Rousey

If mixed martial arts (MMA) had an "All Madden" team, you can bet Ronda Rousey would be a starting player.

EA Sports

So uh ... if you play as Ronda Rousey in the new EA Sports UFC video game (video), don't expect a friend to play with you, unless they get to pick from the Tiburon squad.

That's because Rousey (9-0) has looked invincible inside the Octagon (proof), wrecking shop and claiming the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight championship in the process. So if the new video game is "as real as it gets..."

Get another look at her "Rowdy" mug here.

But I guess if you can beat Goro in Mortal Kombat and Mike Tyson on the 8-bit NES, then nothing is impossible. And hey, maybe Gina Carano Cris Cyborg can be a downloadable character. But we don't know if the Brazilian is coming to the Octagon (yet), but that's okay, because we don't know when EA Sports UFC is hitting store shelves.

"Spring 2014" is about as specific as EA will get.

For more in-game likenesses from the upcoming video game, available on Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4, click here and here.

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