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Cris Cyborg 'disappointed' by loss to Jorina Baars, but still planning drop to 135 to fight Ronda Rousey

Because one sport, her manager argues, has nothing to do with another.

Esther Lin

Win some, lose some.

Current Invicta FC featherweight champion Cristiane Justino likes to fight, so if the promotion she's currently competing for does not have a mixed martial arts (MMA) bout to keep her busy, the Brazilian prefers to look elsewhere. That includes Lion Fight, a Muay Thai organization operating in Las Vegas, Nevada.

But not everyone was willing to welcome her with open arms.

Chief among them was Jorina Baars, who outclassed "Cyborg" in the main event of Lion Fight 14 last weekend in "Sin City" (watch the video here). But does a unanimous decision loss in a sport outside her own take some of the steam out of a future "super fight" against Ronda Rousey?

Justino's manager, George Prajin, explains to ESPN:

"She's a little disappointed of course, but it doesn't change anything in our plans. Our goal is still get to 135 by summer and fight Ronda Rousey in the fall if the UFC is willing to step up. I don't see how this fight or this loss puts Cris back at all in the MMA world or makes people want to her the [Rousey] fight less. Rousey is out making movies while Cris is taking on the best fighters in the world in other sports."


To be fair, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight champion has also kept busy in recent months. After defending her 135-pound title in a rematch against Miesha Tate last December, she jumped right back into the fray for an Olympic-sized showdown opposite Sara McMann.

Now she's back in Tinseltown to capitalize on her superstardom (with this).

UFC President Dana White is in no hurry to give Justino a bantamweight title shot and Rousey has a couple of other contenders breathing down her neck. But if "Cyborg" did sign with UFC, it would take more than a Muay Thai loss to keep fans from getting amped about what could be called the biggest female fight of all time.

Which, if history is any indication, is why it will probably never happen.

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