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UFC Quick Quote: Glover Teixeira has really good defense, he just got hit once or twice

Fighters get hit. Swimmers get wet. Non-story.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

"I think his ace in the hole is his unbelievable one-punch knockout power. He got caught once or twice. I mean it's a fight. It's like telling a football team 'oh your guy got tackled once or twice.' I mean he got hit once or twice, exactly, so he really has good defense, but it's a fight and when somebody so dominant gets hit at all, people are like 'oh the guy got tagged!' We work a lot of defense, Just like in swimming you jump into the water you're gonna get wet, if you jump into a fight you're gonna get hit."

John Hackleman, trainer for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) number one contender Glover Teixeira, told Submission Radio (via The Underground) he's not overly concerned with the amount of damage the Brazilian took in his most recent fight against Ryan Bader. True, Teixeira was "unhappy" with his own performance and called the knockdown he suffered against "Darth" a "wake-up call," but getting tagged is a part of the fight game, argues Hack, just like getting wet is a part of swimming. But will getting hit "once or twice" against Jon Jones in the UFC 172 pay-per-view (PPV) main event mean the difference between leaving "Charm City" with the gold -- and going home empty handed? We'll find out on April 26 in Baltimore (more on that fight here).

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