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Johny Hendricks bicep surgery 'before and after' pics are disgusting (but look anyway)

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Not safe for work! Or lunch, for that matter.


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 170-pound titleholder Johny Hendricks suffered a torn bicep during his UFC 171 welterweight championship win over Robbie Lawler back on March 15, 2014, at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

This is what it looked like before surgery:


Photo courtesy of Ted Ehrhardt (via MMA Fighting).

Hendricks went under the knife earlier this week (see a pic here) and got himself all patched up. Barring any unforeseen setbacks, "Bigg Rigg" should be able to resume training in four-to-eight weeks.

Here's the "after" pic complete with fancy braid:


Photo courtesy of Ted Ehrhardt (via MMA Fighting).

Here's a quick video of what bicep surgery looks like. Please note this is NOT Johny Hendricks.

Interesting. Makes you wonder what the hell they did in the old days.

As it stands, Hendricks' next welterweight title defense will likely be in October or November. And if this report pans out, he may soon discover the identity of his next opponent.

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