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Dan Henderson vs. Shogun Rua fight results UFC Fight Night 38, Round 2

Shogun opened with a stiff jab and low kick. Henderson looked much slower to start the round after the big blitz he was forced to weather at the end of the first.

Rua jumped in with another punch behind the ear and used it to clinch. He pushed Henderson against the fence and pressed. They quickly reset back in the center when the Brazilian pushed off.

Henderson, still not himself, came up lame on a takedown attempt. Shogun just brushed him off and "Hendo" almost fell down. When they got back to the center, Shogun drilled his foe with a big uppercut that scored yet another knockdown.

But Henderson would not go out.

What followed was an extended stalemate on the floor. Shogun came down into Henderson's guard, who closed it and held on to avoid taking any real damage after getting rocked a second time when they were standing. Shogun tried to posture up to bring down big blows but mostly failed.

Finally, referee Herb Dean stood them up for inactivity.

The horn sounded without any more meaningful action.

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