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NCAA wrestling championships 2014 Division-1 results recap for day 3 (session 2)

The 2014 NCAA Division-1 national wrestling championships have wrapped from "The Sooner State," naming the best and brightest stars in college wrestling. Here are the full results from day three (session two).

Late Saturday evening (March 22, 2014), the championship matches of the NCAA Division-1 national championships concluded. 10 new champions were decided inside the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the team championship was awarded as well.

This was the sixth and final session of the event. All 10 matches took place on a single mat and were highly competitive, as the best college wrestlers in the nation pushed each other to the limit. Afterward, an award ceremony was held.

Luckily for those who missed it, has a recap of all the action below:

125 pounds

Jesse Delgado (Illinois) vs Nashon Garrett (Cornell)

Garrett shoots an absurdly fast double leg immediately and nearly gets it, but Delgado scrambles enough that Garrett earns no points. Cornell challenges, but the call of no takedown stands. A similar shot and scramble happens, and the score remains even at 0-0. Cornell challenges again, and the call stands once again. Once more, beautiful and fast shot by Garrett, scramble, and no points. This time, Illinois challenges, believing that Delgado scrambled into a reversal. The call is, for the third time, confirmed. The first period ends with no score.

The second begins with Garrett on top. Delgado gets an escape, but Garrett earned a riding point, so it's basically even. Then, Delgado gets very deep on a takedown and earns the two points. He leads 3-0 to enter the third, but Garrett still has his riding point. Both men have a single stall warning, despite an action packed match. For the fourth time, a Delgado scramble off of Garrett's takedown prevents any scoring. Garrett pushes for a takedown but fails to get it.

Final score: Jesse Delgado 3-1

Delgado earns his second straight national title.

133 pounds

Tyler Graff (Wisconsin) vs Tony Ramos (Iowa)

No one scores inside the first period, but Graff does get a stall warning. Graff gets a quick escape to start the second period and holds the one point lead until the end of the period. Similarly, Ramos escapes within fifteen seconds to tie it up, causing the match to go to a sudden victory round. Then, the match moves into overtime with Graff on top, who successfully holds on for thirty seconds. They switch positions, and Ramos nearly gets Graff's back to the mat, which gives him two points. Wisconsin challenges, but the call stands.

Final score: Tony Ramos 3-1

Ramos earns his first national championship in the last match of his college career.

141 pounds

Devin Carter (Virginia Tech) vs Logan Stieber (Ohio St.)

Stieber hits an early double leg for two points. Carter is trying to move, but Stieber is very heavy from the top position. He stays there for the rest of the period, capturing two minutes of riding time, and he has a 3-0 lead entering the second. Stieber gets a second takedown just after Carter gets a stalling call. 5-0 Stieber heading into the third. Stieber gets a third takedown at about the 1:30 mark. This time, Carter manages to escape and get on the scoreboard. Stieber gets another takedown and a couple more points before the time runs out.

Final score: Logan Stieber 10-1

Stieber becomes Ohio States first three-time national champion.

149 pounds

Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern) vs Joshua Kindig (Oklahoma St.)

Both men work for takedowns, but there's no score at the end of the first period. Kindig escapes fifty seconds into the second period, earning the first point of the match. He holds the lead until the end of the period. Tsirtsis quickly escapes to start the third period, tying up the score at 1-1. Tsirtsis goes hard for an ankle pick at the end of the third but doesn't get it, so the match goes into overtime. Tsirtsis gets very deep on a single leg and eventually finishes for two points, earning the sudden victory.

Final score: Jason Tsirtsis 3-1

Jason Tsirtsis wins his first national championship as a red-shirt freshman.

157 pounds

Dylan Ness (Minnesota) vs Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma St.)

Dieringer hits a takedown about a minute in, shutting down Ness' scramble attempt and earning two points. With about twenty seconds left in the first, Dieringer gets three more points for a near fall. The round ends 5-0 Dieringer, who starts the second with a quick escape for another point. Another takedown extends Dieringer's lead to 8-0, but Ness gets back to his feet after for his first point. The score remains 8-1 until the end of the second. Dieringer lets Ness up to avoid any possible reversal, which Ness has repeatedly done in the tournament, bringing the score to 8-2. Ness attempts a wild jumping maneuver, but it only gives his opponent another two points. Dieringer lets him up, hits a takedown, then lets him up.

Final score: Alex Dieringer 13-4

Dieringer earns his first national championship.

165 pounds

David Taylor (Penn St.) vs Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma St.)

Taylor gets an ankle pick about a minute into the first period. Taylor rides a frustrated Caldwell until the end of the period. Within the first twenty seconds, Taylor escapes for another point. The Nittany Lion hits another ankle pick, bring his lead up to 5-0. Again, Caldwell has no answer to Taylor's control and is held down until the end of the second. Neither man is particularly aggressive in the final period, giving up no more points.

Final score: David Taylor 6-0

Taylor wins his second national championship in his fourth visit to the final.

174 pounds

Andrew Howe (Oklahoma) vs Chris Perry (Oklahoma St.)

Howe pushes the pace, but neither men scored inside the first period. Then, Perry opened the second period by immediately getting an escape point. He gets a stall warning, but he soon hits a high crotch for two more points and gets a riding point. The second period ends with Perry holding a 3-0 lead and riding time. Howe tries to push for a takedown in the third but cannot get anything going.

Final score: Chris Perry 4-0

Chris Perry wins the national title, which is his second in a row.

184 pounds

Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland) vs Edward Ruth (Penn St.)

Ruth goes for a takedown quickly and gets it, earning two points, but Sheptock gets one point for an escape. Ruth hits another takedown and is the quicker man two minutes into the first period. He then gets a riding point, giving him a 4-1 advantage going into the second period. Ruth is completely controlling Sheptock from the top and locked the riding time at the end of the second period. Twenty seconds into the third, Ruth hits a reversal. The Nittany Lion allows Sheptock back to his feet, giving up a point. But, it allows him to work for bonus points that Penn State may need later.

Final score: Edward Ruth 7-2

Ruth becomes Penn States' first three-time NCAA champion.

197 pounds

J`Den Cox (Missouri) vs Nick Heflin (Ohio St.)

Heflin is a true freshman, while Cox is a fifth year senior. Cox is shooting farly often, but Heflin is shutting him down. The first period ends with no score. Cox immediately gets an escape point to start the second and holds the small lead for the rest of the period. Heflin does a forward roll to get an escape and avoid Cox earning riding time. The score is tied. Heflin gets a second stalling warning, giving Cox the lead with thirty seconds left. Heflin attempts a throw with mere seconds left and lands it, but the officials call that time has run out. It goes under review immediately, and the call stands, but there will certainly be some controversy around this one.

Final score: J'Den Cox 2-1

Cox wins his first national title as a true freshman.

285 pounds

Anthony Nelson (Minnesota) vs Nick Gwiazdowski (North Carolina St.)

Gwiazdowski gets in deep on Nelson's hips on one occasion, but no points are awarded in the first period. Nelson gets a full ride in the second period and leads by a point heading into the third. Gwiazdowski opens up the third with a takedown, taking the lead. He then hits a single leg takedown, securing his victory late in the third period.

Final score: Nick Gwiazdowski 4-2

Gwiazdowski wins his first national title.

Team standings

1. Penn St. 109.5
2. Minnesota 104.0
3. Oklahoma St. 96.5
4. Iowa 78.5
5. Edinboro 62.0
6. Ohio St. 57.0
7. Cornell 53.0
8. Virginia Tech 49.0
9. Oklahoma 45.0
10. Nebraska 43.5

After a close run, Cael Sanderson lead Penn State to a fourth consecutive national championship, the first time in the college's history to achieve such a run. Minnesota may have lost the lead, but they held onto second place, while Oklahoma state stayed at third.

There you have it! Did any Maniacs watch the event?

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