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UFC Quick Quote: Dan Henderson is not going to die in Brazil

Much to the chagrin of the local crowd.

"Not [going] to punch myself out trying to finish him because he's hard to finish. I'll take my shots a little better. I'm excited to come down here and fight. I'm already used to hearing the (Brazilian) fans say I'm going to die, so I want to come down here and prove them wrong. In my mind, I'm not coming off three losses, but it's still three losses. I don't want a fourth on that, for sure. In the first, Rashad, I felt should have gone other way. It was a close fight, it's not like I was beat up for three fights. It's a little bit extra motivation, I guess, to make sure it doesn't happen again, but it won't change my strategy in the fight."

Sorry to disappoint all the Brazilian mixed martial arts (MMA) fans hoping to see Dan Henderson drawn and quartered while on the scene to battle hometown hero Mauricio Rua at UFC Fight Night 38, but the longtime combat sports veteran, in the immortal words of Cypress Hill, ain't goin' out like dat. In fact, "Hendo" tells MMA Fighting that he recognizes the mistakes he made the first time he fought "Shogun" back at UFC 139, and won't punch himself out in this Sunday's (March 23, 2014) FOX Sports 1 rematch (results). That's not to suggest he won't be throwing heavy leather, but perhaps he'll be a bit more reserved when it comes to the finish, since the Brazilian is notoriously difficult to put away. Any chance this second go-round lasts 25 minutes?

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