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NCAA wrestling championships 2014 Division-1 results recap from day 1 (session 1)

The 2014 NCAA Division-1 national wrestling championships are going down in "The Sooner State" through Saturday and will produce the best and brightest stars in college wrestling. Here are the full results from day one (session one).

Earlier today (March 20, 2014), the opening round of the NCAA Division-1 national championships began inside the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Hundreds of young wrestlers competed for the chance to advance further in the tournament with the hopes of winning All-American status, or even an NCAA championship.

With a total of 10 weight classes and 32 competitors in each division, there's a ton of potential for future mixed martial arts (MMA) superstars among this group. Wrestlers have long performed well inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), with All-Americans and NCAA champions often holding the belt.

Just ask the new welterweight kingpin, two-time NCAA champ Johny Hendricks.

With that in mind, take a look at the first session of results of the top-five seeded wrestlers in each weight class. Though a majority of the favorites pulled off wins, there were some major upsets within the bracket. In total, 23 ranked wrestlers were upset by their opponents.

125 pounds:

Number 1 seed Jesse Delgado (ILL) defeats Rauser (UVU) via pin

Number 2 seed Nahshon Garrett (CORN) defeats Franco (Hofstra) 12-1

Number 3 seed Nicholas Megaludis (PSU) defeats Cruz (Lehigh) via tech fall

Number 4 seed Josh Martinez (AF) defeats Kraisser (UNC) 8-4

Number 5 seed Dylan Peters (UNI) defeats Roberts (OSU) 9-3

133 pounds:

Number 1 seed Joe Colon (Uni) defeats Dellefave (RUT) 9-1

Number 2 seed Aaron Schopp (Edin) defeats Rasche (Navy) by tech fall

Number 3 seed Tony Ramos (Iowa) defeats Shelton Mack (Pitt) 3-1

Number 4 seed Jonathon Morisson (OKST) defeats Gulibon (Penn st) 4-0

Number 5 seed Tyler Graff (Wis) defeats Malone (Northwestern) by tech fall

141 pounds:

Number 1 seed Mitchell Port (Edin) defeats Moreno (Iowa State) via pin

Number 2 seed Logan Stieber (OHST) defeats Mayes (Mizz) via pin

Number 3 seed Zain Retherford (PSU) defeats Khishignyam (Cit) 5-0

Number 4 seed Devin Carter (VT) defeats Flannery (BUFF) via pin

Number 5 seed Chris Mecate (CDU) defeats Delgado (Oregon State) 4-2

149 pounds:

Number 1 seed Drake Houdashelt (MIZZ) defeats Kocer (SDSU) 12-3

Number 2 seed Nick Dardanes (Minnesota) loses 8-5 to Frisch (Cit)

Number 3 seed Christopher Villalonga (CORN) defeats Racciato (Pitt) 5-2

Number 4 seed Kendric Maple (Oklahoma) defeats Claxton (Ohio)

Number 5 seed Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern) defeats Busler (Bloomsburg) 4-1

157 pounds:

Number 1 seed James Green (Nebraska) defeats Kreimier 14-3

Number 2 seed Derek St. John (IOWA) defeats Napoli (Lehigh) 4-1

Number 3 seed Alex Dieringer (OKST) defeats Sommer (Drexel) via tech fall

Number 4 seed Ian Miller (KSU) defeats Greisheimer (EDIN)8-4

Number 5 seed Isaac Jordan (WIS) defeats Hancock (ARMY) via pin

165 pounds:

Number 1 seed David Taylor (Penn) pins Brewster (South Dak. State) in the first period

Number 2 seed Tyler Caldwell (Okla st) pins Cook (UVU)

Number 3 seed Nicholas Sulzer (UVA) defeats Moon (VT) 9-3

Number 4 seed Steven Monk (N. Dak. state) defeats Kent (UPenn) 7-4

Number 5 seed Nick Moore (Iowa) loses 12-7 to Josh Veltre (Bloom)

174 pounds:

Number 1 seed Chris Perry (Okla) defeats Liegel (Wisc) 8-0

Number 2 seed Andrew Howe (Okla) defeats England (Mizzou) tech fall

Number 3 seed Robert Kokesh (NEB) defeats Scheffel (WVU) 10-1

Number 4 seed Michael Evans (Iowa) vs Hammond (CS Bak) 8-2

Number 5 seed Mathew Brown (PSU) defeats Meyer (Stann) 17-3

184 pounds:

Number 1 seed Jimmy Sheptock (MD) defeats Stroh (WYD) 10-3

Number 2 seed Edward Ruth (Penn st) pins Hein (Wisc)

Number 3 seed Gabriel Dean (Cor) defeats Weatherspoon (Iowa St) 12-4

Number 4 seed Max Thomussett defeats Morrison (Rider) 5-4

Number 5 seed Ethan Lofthouse (Iowa) loses to Avery (Edin) 3-5

197 pounds:

Number 1 seed Nick Heflin (Ohio ST) defeats Rands (Navy) via injury

Number 2 seed J'den Cox (Mizzou) defeats Gonzalez (Illinois) 10-4

Number 3 seed Morgan McIntosh (Penn St) defeats Bolich (Lehigh) 5-0

Number 4 seed Scott Schiller (Minn) defeats Nye (UVA) 10-3

Number 5 seed Kyven Gadson (ISU) defeats Ayala (PRIN) 6-1

Heavyweight (183-285 pounds)

Number 1 seed Anthony Nelson (Minn) defeats Cabell (Uni) 1-0

Number 2 seed Nick Gwiazdowski (NC St) defeats Wessell (Lehigh) 6-2

Number 3 seed Adam Chalfant (IND) defeats Grant (Easton/Bloomsburg) 12-5

Number 4 seed Adam Coon (Mich) defeats Larson (Okla) 1-0

Number 5 seed Bobby Telford (Iowa) defeats Vizcarrondo (WVU) 5-1

There you have it!

The opening round of 32 has come to an end, and Penn State currently holds the most team points, but Oklahoma State is not far behind. The round of 16 begins later tonight at 6:00 ET and can be viewed on ESPNU or ESPN 3, the online stream.

In addition, the next two days will be filled with high-level college wrestling as the tournament progresses, so stick with to keep you up to date.

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