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Joe Rogan 'sad' era of 'TRT Vitor' is coming to an end after 'f---ing spectacular victories'

Don't be sad, Joe...

Ethan Miller

During a recent chat on The Joe Rogan Experience, savvy broadcaster Joe Rogan had a conversation with former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra, shooting the you-know-what about several mixed martial arts (MMA) topics, including a handful of prominent Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters.

A hot commodity these days is the recently banned testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), which is now eliminated thanks to the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC).

The poster boy for TRT was undoubtedly Vitor Belfort, who was notorious for his usage, with members of the media sparking the issue in press conferences with him at the forefront.

It's not because the former UFC light heavyweight champion and five-time "Knockout of the Night" winner bragged or boasted about his advantages; but rather because the effects of his violence in the cage was so overwhelming (combined with the fact that he tested positive for banned substances before, too).

Consider Rogan as someone who was amazed by Belfort's recent three-fight winning streak, and why "TRT Vitor" will be missed dearly, as he ignited the conversation with mention of Dan Henderson, who fights this weekend:

"He fought TRT Vitor. TRT Vitor ... when we go down over eras, of the greatest most impressive fighters, there's going to be a part of me that is sad, that TRT Vitor has to come down to an end. It's a part of me that's very sad. I mean, I see the argument that it's unfair ...but, goddamn TRT Vitor, that era, that's what I'm going to call it forever. If you look at those TRT fights, look at the fight with Luke Rockhold...."

He's right about those three head kick-driven victories being absolutely stupefying, as Belfort sped his way through to a middleweight title fight against Chris Weidman -- until he was pulled from UFC 173.

"Dan Henderson, Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold, those are the TRT Vitor fights, that is the TRT Vitor era -- one of the most impressive fighters of all time. Those three fights, those are fucking spectacular victories. Three absolutely spectacular victories ... those fights I think, goes down in history as some of the most impressive performances ever."

All Rogan did was confirm something we already knew, but are we willing to put "TRT Vitor" as one of the greatest or most impressive fighters of all time?

It depends on how you look at it ... and what he's saying is worth a look.

It's not like "The Phenom" was going unnoticed, either. He was set to fight the current middleweight champion, securing his third title shot in his third UFC stint since 2009.

"TRT Vitor, who's been fighting since '97, was about to fight Chris Weidman for the title. Way before a lot of these dudes, and everybody's burned out, TRT Vitor is fucking throwing wheel kicks."

Everybody has questions concerning the immediate future of Belfort, despite his eagerness to move on and fight again. Rogan shed some light on the damages of returning to a natural state, which shift the levels drastically:

"He's going to fight again. He just has to get his body natural; the question is, can he at this point in time, get to a point where so healthy he can actually fight, not just get to a point where he can walk around, or but he get a point where can have levels high enough so he can sustain a training camp?"

This remains to be seen.

As for the episode, which features the incomparable Matt Serra, you can always count on "The Terror" for giving you entertainment on the regular, speaking the truth with that New York lingo we love to hear.

"Do what remember what you talked about, about him beating Jon Hess? You remember those fights? That's why there's TRT Vitor. That guy was an animal back then! What'd you think, it was fruits and vegetables?!"

Definitely not carrots and celery.

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