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Nick Jonas cast as UFC fighter in DirecTV's 10-episode MMA drama 'Navy St.'

The world-renowned pop star will join "Friday Night Lights" star Matt Lauria, as well as "Warrior" actor Frank Grillo in DirecTV's MMA drama "Navy St.," which begins shooting in May and will debut sometime this fall.

Jaime L. Mikle

Disney pop star Nick Jonas has been cast in a supporting role in the upcoming mixed martial arts (MMA) television drama "Navy St.," which stars "Friday Night Lights" Matt Lauria and Frank Grillo, who played a key role in the MMA movie "Warrior."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the TV project has received a 10-episode series order from DirecTV and is being billed as a family drama set against the backdrop of an MMA gym in Venice Beach, California.

Lauria will be playing the character Ryan, a former three time All-American wrestler, Olympian and former UFC champion, who lost it all to a drug addiction that culminated with him going to jail (story here).

The premise is that Ryan shows up at "Navy St.," a gym run by Alvey Henderson (played by Grillo) to start over again. But Alvey, himself a failed fighter, sees the potential for dollar signs and attempts to cash in on Ryan's talent.

Jonas will be playing Alvey's shy son Nate Henderson, the prized fighter at the gym who is offered a UFC contract. "Glades" actress Kiele Sanchez will play Alvey's long-time girlfriend, Lisa Prince.

The series was created by "Detroit 1-8-7's" Byron Balasco and will begin filming in May. It will be DirecTV's third original drama and will debut sometime in the fall.

2014 could be a new journey into MMA TV shows, as reported earlier this month that UFC lightweight Al Iaquinta will be playing the lead in a project called "Choke Artist," a series created by Sean Fitzgerald.

So ... who's tuning in?

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