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Johny Hendricks injured, requires surgery for torn bicep following UFC 171

The good news is, his elbow isn't injured. The bad news is, his bicep exploded.

Sarah Glenn

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 170-pound champion Johny Hendricks suffered a torn bicep during his UFC 171 welterweight championship win over Robbie Lawler back on March 15, 2014, at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, and will require surgery.

Ariel Helwani with the details:

Johny Hendricks was just on KROQ in LA. Torn bicep. Surgery on Monday. Rehab four weeks after surgery, four weeks of rehab (if all goes well) and hopefully start training again in two-plus months. This was the injury that happened a week before the fight that almost caused him to pull out. He also injured his shin in the fight. I was told his bicep muscle actually curled like a ball, if that makes sense, in the fight. Given that and the shin, his fifth round = wowzer.


The injury to his arm was originally though to be a bum elbow, one severe enough that "Bigg Rigg" considered pulling out of his "Ruthless" title fight in "The Lone Star State." Fortunately, he soldiered on and managed to capture the vacant crown in a five-round war (watch the highlights here).

Now what?

This could spell doom for the top welterweight contenders currently clamoring for a 170-pound title shot. With no definitive timetable for Hendricks's return, it would be difficult to justfy a hoding pattern for guys like Rory MacDonald and Tyron Woodley, among others.

Then again, they can always fight each other and end this welterweight debate.

For more UFC 171 news, notes, and fallout, check out our comprehensive "Hendricks vs. Lawler" results and wrap-up post right here.

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