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Chael Sonnen wants a third fight against Anderson Silva

But does anyone want to see it?

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If Heath Herring is allowed to lose to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira three times, then dammit, Chael Sonnen should be permitted to do likewise against Anderson Silva.

You know, "if at first you don't succeed," and all that jazz.

The former middleweight number one contender is expected to face off against Wanderlei Silva in May, assuming his fellow Ultimate Fighter (TUF) coach puts "Axe" to paper. And after that? "The American Gangster" has not ruled out a return to 185 pounds. Nor is he ruling out a third dance with "The Spider."

From his conversation with Globo (via Bloody Elbow):

"I was very envious of where Anderson was. I didn't think he was the best and I wanted to fight and beat him. I wanted to everybody know that. I wanted to win in a fashion that it was not even going to be close. I to came find out that he is a very nice guy. I also met his family. But the person and the fighter are two different things. He is a very pleasant guy, I wish him a wonderful life and I know he loves his children and his wife. I want to have a third fight (against Anderson). I still want to beat him for some source of competition. I also want to face Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva. I don't wish them a bad life but in a fight I can't step back and I have to punch their faces. There is a expression in America that says: if want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs."

Or a few faces.

While no competitor will ever be satisfied with a loss, a third fight against the Brazilian could be a tough sell, having been finished in both of his previous attempts to unseat the former champ. In addition, we have no idea when Silva will return from the injured reserves.

Or how much longer Sonnen will compete (due to this).

We also have to see how his upcoming fight against Wandy plays out. There's a history with Vitor Belfort, too, but we saw what happened the last time Sonnen made his plans too far in advance.

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