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Tyron Woodley: Lost PPV buys forced UFC to repackage 'prince' Rory MacDonald as the next Georges St. Pierre

In addition, "The Chosen One" believes he deserves a title shot after wrecking Carlos Condit.

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The biggest win of his career is seemingly going unnoticed.

Tyron Woodley generated his fair share of critics over the weekend, with some believing his win over Carlos Condit wasn't valuable enough in the welterweight title picture because of his opponent's injury (replay).

"I think that anybody is in some form of media and spectators, the good stories always make the front page. What people fail to realize is that it was seven minutes into the fight, I was winning the fight, I won the first round, I won the first two minutes of the second round, and I wasn't slowing down."

He does have a point.

Before Condit's knee gave out in the co-main event of UFC 171, courtesy of a takedown followed by a hack at the legs, Woodley was up on the scorecards. He was dominating the fight, though Condit has proven he can come out strong to finish his bouts.

The welterweight division is as wide open as ever with Georges St-Pierre's departure, and with Johny Hendricks winning the belt last Saturday night, Woodley felt it was important to rise above the rest and make himself noticeable with more than just a good performance.

"I knew that I had to go out there and show the other guys that I'm worthy of a title shot, and that I had the components of a champion. I out-struck Carlos Condit. I hit him with some bombs in the first round. Many guys that would have gotten hit with that right hand would have went down. I think I hit him harder than I hit Koscheck."

Woodley ferociously texted Dana White about the Condit fight when Matt Brown suffered an injury, and earned the scrap against "The Natural Born Killer" based on his eagerness. He also wasn't guaranteed a title fight with a win, unlike his opponent, who could have gotten the shot with a good performance.

UFC 171's co-main event winner now believes he's the frontrunner to challenge the new champion, proclaiming himself to be exactly what the promotion wants in a titleholder.

"I think I stepped up to the plate, I think I walk like a champion, act like a champion, I think I look like a champion. I'm marketable, I fight a great style, I think I'm great for the company and I think I deserve it."

As for the other names thrown into the hat, including Nick Diaz and Rory MacDonald, "T-Wood" has answers for both of those scenarios.

"Don't get me wrong, Nick Diaz as a person, I don't know. I don't know him not to like him. As a fighter, everybody likes him. If you don't like him, you're full of yourself. He has a phenomenal style, he's a pressure fighter, great cardio. As a competitor, I can always appreciate a fighter like that. But, as a person who's good for the sport, we're on big time TV. We're on FOX. Tell me in the NFL, where they'll say, ‘Ok, I'm going to have this team play in the Super Bowl because the quarterback is going to talk crap the whole game'."

He also accuses the company of channeling "Rush" through MacDonald, and he thinks it's a typical business move to have "Ares" challenge Hendricks next for the title.

"GSP sold a lot of money in pay-per-view sales for them. They're losing that with him not fighting. I think they think they're going to make this story about the prince; the era of GSP is emerging through and let's get back on that symbol. I think he's right up there, he fought a great fight against Demian Maia, but that's the angle."

Sorry, Joe.

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