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Glover Teixeira: 'I don't worry about Jon Jones because I'm gonna knock this guy out'

Sounds like an airtight gameplan.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps Alexander Gustafsson should be training for Glover Teixeira instead of Jon Jones.

The way the light heavyweight number one contender is talking, it sounds as though his UFC 172 main event against "Bones" is a foregone conclusion. But can the heavy-handed Brazilian make good on his promise to walk out of Maryland's Baltimore Arena on April 26, 2014, as new champ?

From his conversation with Inside MMA:

"I have the power to beat him. I have to believe my skills are gonna work against his skills. People always tell me, 'Oh, you need to bring this guy or that guy to [emulate] Jon Jones,' but I don't really worry about him. In my mind, he's gonna have to worry about what I'm gonna do with him. He's the champion, but I believe in my skills and I believe that on April 26 I'm gonna go [to Baltimore] and knock this guy out."

That would be a first.

Outside of a close unanimous decision win against "The Mauler," Jones (19-1) has looked virtually invincible throughout his young mixed martial arts (MMA) career. His lone loss came by way of downward elbow disqualification in late 2009, in a fight he was otherwise dominating.

What can Teixeira do next month in "Charm City" that 19 other men could not?

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