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Monday Morning Hangover: Carlos Condit knee injury at UFC 171 crushes 'Killer' title hopes

After an action-packed UFC 171 event from Dallas, Texas, plenty of fighters are still feeling the buzz; however, Carlos Condit is likely suffering from the worst post-fight hangover after his knee gave out in the second round, costing him a potential title shot.

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Another weekend of fisticuffs has come and gone as UFC 171 blew the roof off the American Airlines Center on March 15, 2014, in Dallas, Texas.

Plenty of fighters were left licking their wounds, including Diego Sanchez, who was battered and bruised by the surging Myles Jury (highlights). And Robbie Lawler, who came up short to Johny Hendricks in the main event, losing out on becoming the new welterweight champion after an exciting back-and-forth, bonus-winning main event (video).

But which fighter is suffering from the worst post-fight hangover, now two days removed from the show?

Carlos Condit.

The former interim welterweight kingpin looked to get himself back into a title fight by taking out the always-dangerous Tyron Woodley in the co-main event.

Unfortunately for Carlos, a devastating injury cut his night short, as the referee was forced to stop the fight in the second round. "The Natural Born Killer's" left knee gave out after a powerful leg kick from Woodley -- which was delivered to the back of his right knee -- forcing Condit to spin (video) and fall in agony.

Condit's left leg, however, didn't do the same, as it stayed put while the rest of his body turned; forcing his knee to give out. The injury, though, may have occurred a bit earlier, thanks to one of Tyron's patented takedowns.

Regardless of when and how it happened, Woodley was awarded the not-so-cheap technical knockout (TKO) win, his second straight. In addition, the injury -- which looks to be a busted meniscus and torn ACL -- may keep "The Natural Born Killer" on the sidelines for some quite time.

Still, a loss is a loss and once the new rankings are released, Condit's stock will likely tumble and he will find himself looking up in a talent-filled division which now has plenty of killers making their case as the next top contender, including Rory MacDonald, Hector Lombard and the aforementioned Woodley.

So, who should Condit fight next, once he is able to get back into action?

Jake Shields.

The two have a bit of history, as Shields defeated Condit early on in their careers, beating him at Rumble at the Rock 9 back in 2006 via unanimous decision. A rematch against Nick Diaz, who recently announced his intentions to return to action, may also be a good bout for Carlos.

Condit is, after all, still interested in proving his first win over the Stockton slugger wasn't a fluke.

Then again, if Condit does indeed have to ride the pine for an extended period of time, the landscape of the welterweight division will likely change quite a bit. For now, Condit has a different battle to get through, as the rehabilitation and recovery process will prove to be grueling and time-consuming.

But if "The Natural Born Killer" approaches it the same way he does his fights, he should be back in the cage sooner, rather than later.

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