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UFC 171 results: 'Weak' Diego Sanchez blames loss to Myles Jury on beef tartare food poisoning

Because he fell off the Mike Dolce wagon and devoured some rotten meat.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight Diego Sanchez had a sickening performance on the pay-per-view (PPV) main card of UFC 171 (results here), which took place last Saturday night (March 15, 2014) inside American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

No, really.

"The Dream" found himself in the middle of a nightmare after going off his diet and consuming bad beef tartare, which left him vomiting in his hotel room the night before his big fight. As a result, Sanchez laid an egg in his unanimous decision loss to Myles Jury.

From his official Twitter account:

"I wasn't myself last night I sustained food poisoning from eating a beef tartare with raw quail egg as a appetizer at dinner. This was my own mistake I ordered it thinking I need red meat but raw was the wrong choice, I threw up first at 2am & all day fight day. This was not part of the Dolce Diet I screwed myself! I thought because I had done everything do perfect I could sway a little & it cost me. I was weak and my performance showed it, if you notice I don't go for one takedown because I just didn't have the strength. Jury and his team fought a good fight against me and they did win, but I wanted my fans to know the truth why I was not all there. Take what you want from it, it is the truth. I made a horrible choice and it's no ones fault but mine."

See the offending restaurant here.

The loss to Jury was his second in a row, following his epic, three-round war opposite Gilbert Melendez at UFC 166 last October. The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) champ kicked off the opening frame of his "Fury" fight with much of the same gusto, but was never able to establish much of a pace.

That had a lot to do with his opponent's gameplan.

Jury was able to stay calm and focused in the face of the Sanchez blitzkrieg, using superior technique and fleet-footed defense to stay out of danger. Quite simply, he was not going to be lulled into a bar fight. But would a healthier, more aggressive Sanchez have left him no choice?

That's up to you, the fans, to decide.

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