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Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler fight results UFC 171, Round 5

Lawler popped a jab early but Hendricks backed him off with a combination, even if it missed. He faked a takedown, backed off, and threw a punch. Then he faked another and came up throwing off that too.

Not long after, he actually did shoot in but Lawler worked hard to avoid getting dragged down. It was a stalemate for a couple minutes, as neither fighter would budge an inch. That led to the referee resetting the two in the center.

Hendricks fired off a couple punches and a hard leg kick. He did it again then shot in for a takedown. Lawler sprawled and avoided it.

He kept firing off with a jab and some lame right hands.

Hendricks came in with left hands and they started landing hard. Lawler was backing up big time and the crowd rose to its feet anticipating a possible finish. "Bigg Rigg" was pressing and "Ruthless" was wilting under the pressure. A big left hand followed by a kick.

Then, a takedown.

He held Lawler down for the rest of the round, refusing to do anything other than sit on top of him, and the horn sounded.

Final judges scorecards: 48-47 across the board.


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