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Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler fight results UFC 171, Round 4

Lawler came out super aggressive here, meeting Hendricks in the center and unloading with punches. Johny was slipping quite a few of them and defending well with his arms but the offense just kept coming.

Then, when Robbie got a little too aggressive, Hendricks backed him off with punches and another kick or two.

Robbie rocked a jab and another hard cross. Hendricks pushed forward but missed a few times. A lame takedown attempt was stuffed with ease. Lawler, to this point, had stuffed five of five attempts.

They reset and Hendricks was bleeding heavily from near his right eye. His entire shoulder was covered with blood. The two were pacing themselves now but continuing to stand in the middle and trade shots.

Hendricks landed a left hand and Robbie responded by landing one of his own.

A big uppercut landed for Lawler but Hendricks responded with a flurry. "Ruthless" smiled his way through it and they continued throwing. The volume of punches here was unreal.

Hendricks, despite his face so bloody, kept pressing forward. He earned a takedown to close the round.

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