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Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler fight results UFC 171, Round 2

Lawler came out moving around quite a bit, both with his head and his feet. The two engaged in some hard exchanges, with Lawler coming with the left and Hendricks rocking that right hand followed by some slapping leg kicks.

They sounded nasty and looked the same.

"Ruthless" stayed in tight, though, and continued working a jab. Hendricks responded by mixing up his attack, utilizing the leg kicks but dropping some knees and punches in at varied angles that had Lawler looking a bit frustrated.

You know, despite the smile on his face.

Lawler tried to get creative later in the round by throwing some elbow strikes standing. He stuffed a Hendricks takedown attempt before continuing to stand in front of "Rigg" and throw hands.

Robbie scored with some shots late but Hendricks answered the call with some big knees and punches of his own. The round ended that way.

It's getting hotter.

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