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Dana White: I like everything about UFC 171's Johny Hendricks except his beard

But, he won't ever force "Bigg Rigg" -- or any of his fighters -- to shave off their facial hair.

Sarah Glenn

Johny Hendricks is easy to like.

He's well spoken, humble and he's great with fans and media alike. He's also a pretty good mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.

It's because of those attributes and more that "Bigg Rigg" has become a fan favorite. Even Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White admits he's a fan of the powerful wrestler.

But, there is one thing that the Las Vegas fight boss doesn't like about Hendricks: His beard.

Speaking to reporters during a media scrum (video) via Dallas News, White touched on all of the reasons he feels Hendricks -- who takes on Robbie Lawler this weekend (March 15, 2014) in the main event of UFC 171 in Dallas, Texas -- would make a good Welterweight champion before revealing the only flaw in the package that is Hendricks.

His words:

"I like everything about Johny Hendricks. He's a great guy, He's a hard worker. He's one of those guys out there that tries to finish fights and he's exciting to watch. He's a great guy. I got one thing I don't love: The beard. I'm not a big beard fan. But, other than that, everything is great about Johny."

When asked if he would ever force Hendricks -- or any of his fighters, for that matter -- to shave their beards (see what Hendricks looks like shaved here), White said it's the job of the local athletic commission to make that call ... not his.

Something Daniel Cormier knows all too well.

White explains:

"No, actually the commission is supposed to do that. If a beard is out of control, the commission is supposed to make them shave it or cut it. That's the way it works in boxing. For some reason not around here. No offense to some bearded men in the back."

Indeed, White has been adamant in the past that he would never be the type of boss who would force his employees -- in this case the fighters -- to change who they are.

And he isn't about to start now. Hate Fear the beard!

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