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Tyron Woodley plans to get the job done in '15 minutes or less' against Carlos Condit at UFC 171

Because according to Woodley, "The Natural Born Killer" performs better as the fight goes into the later rounds.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

For most mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters, the ability to go hard and compete at a high level for three or five grueling rounds is often a question mark. For some, going the distance may be a weakness.

Carlos Condit, however, is not most fighters.

"The Natural Born Killer" has proven time and time again that he has the cardio and endurance to go the distance and not waiver, regardless if it's a 25-minute fight. You have to look no further than his title fights against Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre for proof.

But as he heads into his co-main event fight against Tyron Woodley this weekend (March 15, 2014) in Dallas, Texas, Condit may be at a disadvantage. That's because Woodley believes he has what it takes to end the bout in less than 15 minutes, while Condit's strengths are in the later rounds where he can impose his will.

"T-Wood" explains to Sherdog:

"I don't care how good of shape Carlos Condit is in, he's got 15 minutes to get it done. He can have the ability to go for 45 minutes, but we're fighting for 15 minutes and I feel like with him, his advantage is actually endurance and trying to impose his will on his [opponent]. ... I think it's my time. I think that it's my year. I think that I'll prove that in this fight, and in 15 minutes I'll get the job done, if not less."

While Woodley has proven he can finish fights, Condit has shown he can do the same, as 27 of his 29 wins have come by knockout or submission.

Hence the nickname.

Nevertheless, Woodley is confident his toolbox is filled with more weapons to earn him a win -- and a possible a title shot -- over the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) interim welterweight champion in "Big D."

And he plans to do it in 15 minutes or less against a seasoned veteran who hasn't been stopped in seven years.

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