Who Should Fight Who? UFC Fight Night 37 Winners & Losers


Here is another Who Should Fight Who.


Gustafsson should fight The Winner of Jones vs Teixeira - Reason: Alexander Gustafsson showed the world who the true #1 contender is on Saturday night. He absolutely demolished the very dangerous Jimi Manuwa and he made it look easy. He took Manuwa down in the first round and pretty much controlled him for most of the round. Then in the second round Gus started to open up on the feet. He landed some nice punches then delivered a huge knee to Manuwa's jaw and that was the beginning of the end. Once Manuwa was hurt Gus never let him recover, swarmed on him, Manuwa dropped and Gus finished him off with some solid hammer fists. It was fucking brutal and I'm sure Jones was shaking in his uggs watching in bed with Greg. Now lets get to the epic rematch. Gus is the clear #1 contender and he without a fucking doubt deserves to get the next shot at the belt after Glover. Alexander Gustafsson vs Jon Jones II is going to be fucking huge. Jon Jones dodged the rematch once already, he chose to fight Glover instead. Thats fine, Jones has dodged fights before but he always ends up fighting the guy he dodges eventually. So I don't see him dodging Gus again even though he already suggested Gus and DC fight but that won't work, Dana and crew know this fight is huge and they're not going to let it fall apart this time. Its going down motherfuckers and its going to be awesome.



Manuwa should fight Te Huna - Reason: Jimi Manuwa just suffered his first defeat. I'm sure hes pretty bummed but he got beat by the second best Light Heavyweight in the world, the same man who nearly defeated one of the greatest fighters to ever live so things could be worse for Jimi and I think he'll get right back in the gym and move past it. I expect to see Manuwa back in the cage as soon as possible, I think hes going to want to get in there and get this bad taste out of his mouth and I expect him to look very good. I'd like to see him face James Te Huna next. Who doesn't want to see that fight? It'd be a crazy fucking fight, an insane BANGFEST. It'd be a fucking Rock em Sock em slobber knocker and we just need to see it so thats the fight that needs to happen next. Book it Joe Silva! It makes a ton of sense and it'd be nothing but fireworks. Manuwa could also fight Anthony Perosh or The Loser of St. Preux vs Krylov.


Johnson should fight Diaz - Reason: Michael Johnson has sort of been a hot and cold type of fighter for a while but it seems that hes finally figured it out. Hes currently on a very good winning streak and hes been looking terrific as of late against some very talented guys. I thought Johnson was going to play it safe and try to take Melvin down early in this fight but he didn't really, I believe he went for one takedown in the entire fight. He was comfortable standing and he outstruck Melvin for the better part of 15 minutes. I thought it was a good fight, apparently I was the only one. I was shocked by all the hate this fight got, I found it entertaining and I thought it was close going into that third round. Johnson looked great though, he dominated the last two rounds. I'd like to see him face Nate Diaz next. I've wanted to see this fight for a long time and it makes more sense than ever now. The fight makes sense to me ranking wise and stylistically. I think it'd be a stand up war and I'm really curious to see who'd get the better of the exchanges. I hope this one gets booked. Johnson could also fight Abel Trujillo or John Makdessi.


Guillard should fight Tibau - Reason: Melvin Guillard is one of the most physically gifted fighters in the UFC, hes extremely fast and explosive as fuck but he has never been able to get over that hump. Whenever he fights a guy ranked close to the Top 10 he just chokes and he did that once again on Saturday night. He backpeddled for most of the fight, which is never good. He did land some nice strikes but he mostly just got beaten up. I'd like to see Melvin fight someone who also lost to Michael Johnson in their last fight, Gleison Tibau. I like this fight a lot, it makes a ton of sense to me. They both just lost to Johnson, it makes sense ranking wise and it makes sense stylistically. Guillard's a powerful striker and Tibau's a smothering grappler, I like it. Make it happen Joe Silva! Guillard could also fight Matt Wiman or Adriano Martins.


Pickett should fight McCall - Reason: Brad Pickett dominated the fight. He got clipped a couple times but he was never in any serious trouble. He controlled Seery with his grappling and it was a solid Flyweight debut. I'd like to see Pickett face Ian McCall next. They were already supposed to fight but McCall got injured, I think it should happen now. It makes a ton of sense and I think it'd be the FOTN. Pickett could also fight Zach Makovsky or John Moraga.


Seery should fight Harris - Reason: This was Neil Seery's UFC debut and he looked good. Most people liked what they saw including Dana White, he said Seery's definitely getting another fight in the Octagon. His boxing looked great, he had no UFC jitters and he went after Pickett. I'm excited to see Seery's next fight, I think he's going to be an exciting edition the UFC's Flyweight division. I'd like to see him face Phil Harris next. This fight makes a ton of sense to me and I think it'd be a great scrap. These two fought about four years ago, Harris won by Unanimous decision and I think its time for a rematch. Seery could also fight Darren Uyenoyama or Josh Sampo.


Nelson should fight Pyle - Reason: Believe the hype ladies and gentleman, mostly gentleman. Gunnar Nelson is the real fucking deal. He looked fantastic. I knew he was very good before this fight but I was thinking he was a bit overrated, I don't feel that way anymore. He dominated a very solid dude, smashed him with elbows from mount and then jumped on a choke and tapped him out in like 5 seconds. Dudes a fucking beast and I can't wait to see what he does next. I want to see him fight the other star prospects in the division like Brandon Thatch and Stephen Thompson but those fights aren't going to happen anytime soon. They are going to build all three of them up, not give one of them a loss by matching them up against each other. I look forward to the day that they all fight though, those are going to be amazing fights. I'd like to see Nelson fight Mike Pyle next. This fight makes a ton of sense to me, they were already supposed to fight and I'd like to see the fight rescheduled. I think it'd be a great fight and I hope it happens. Nelson could also fight Adlan Amagov or Igor Araujo.


Akhmedov should fight Head - Reason: This was Omari Akhmedov's Welterweight debut and he got smashed. He was fighting one of the top prospects in the world so hopefully takes some of the sting away. I like Akhmedov at 170 lbs even though he got finished in the first round. I think he'll be successful at this weight and I look forward to his next fight. I'd like to see him face James Head next. I like this fight, it makes sense to me ranking wise and I think it'd be a fun fight. Akhmedov could also fight Pascal Krauss or Siyar Bahadurzada.


Latifi should fight Cavalcante - Reason: Ilir Latifi looked great in that fight. He took Diabate right down after feeling him out for a little over a minute. Soon after that he locked on a D'arce choke and got the submission victory. There was a moment there where it looked like Latifi was going to break Diabate's fucking neck. It was a great performance and I was happy to see Latifi pick up his first UFC win. I'd like to see him face Rafael Cavalcante next. I love this fight, it makes sense to me ranking wise and I love striker vs grappler fights. I think this would be a great fight and I hope it happens. Latifi could also fight The Winner of Maldonado vs Villante or The Winner of Jimmo vs O'Connell.


Cyrill Diabate has retired. He had a good career, he fought many great guys. He was an exciting fighter, great striker and a fan favorite. I'm glad hes retiring now before he takes too much damage. His MMA record is 19-10-1.


Barnatt should fight Neto - Reason: That was the best Luke Barnatt we've ever seen. He just fucking destroyed his opponent, it was beautiful. He rocked him with one of the many high kicks he threw and then swarmed on him. He was going to the head and to the body with punches and knees. It was vicious. I was very impressed with Barnatt's performance and I'd like to see him face some tougher competition. I'd like to see him fight Antonio Braga Neto next. I love this fight. It makes a ton of sense to me ranking wise and I like Striker vs Grappler fights and I think this would be a sick fucking fight. Barnatt could also fight Nick Catone or Uriah Hall.


Nilsson should fight Scott - Reason: Mats Nilsson did not look very good. This was his UFC debut and it was pretty terrible. He was fighting a tough kid in his home country though so I expect Nilsson to get another fight in the Octagon. I'd like to see Nilsson fight Brad Scott next. I like this fight a lot, it makes sense to me ranking wise and I think its an interesting fight. Nilsson could also fight Andy Enz or Dylan Andrews.


Silva should fight Hester - Reason: This was Claudio Silva's UFC debut and I thought he did a good job. I liked what I saw, his striking was pretty sloppy but he controlled Scott for most of the fight. I'd like to see him drop down to 170 lbs and he needs to work on his cardio. I think he will definitely work on his cardio before his next fight but I don't see him dropping down to 170 lbs just yet. I'd like to see him face Clint Hester next. I like this fight a lot, I think it'd be a good one. It makes sense to me ranking wise and I'm a big fan of Grappler vs Striker fights. Silva could also fight Nick Catone or Tom Lawlor.


Scott should fight Nilsson - Reason: Brad Scott fought hard but he didn't do enough to get the W. I was fine with the decision, I thought Silva outworked him and I was glad to hear his name read. Scott will be back though, I expect him to be very motivated for his next bout. I'd like to see him face Mats Nilsson next. I like this fight it makes sense to me ranking wise and I think it'd be an exciting fight. Scott could also fight Derek Brunson or Dylan Andrews.


Araujo should fight High - Reason: Igor Araujo looked like shit in that fight, both guys did. I thought that was a terrible fight, It was very sloppy. I thought the decision could have gone either way but Araujo won. Later on it was reported that Araujo had an injury going into that fight, he hid it from the UFC in order to fight on the card. He supposedly had a fracture in his leg so I'll cut him some slack for the poor performance. I'd like to see him face Jason High next. I like this fight, it makes sense to me ranking wise and stylistically. We haven't seen Araujo face a wrestler yet inside the Octagon and I think this would be one of Araujo's toughest fights to date. Also I think it'd be a good scrap. Araujo could also fight Stephen Thompson or Gunnar Nelson.


Mitchell should fight Rhodes - Reason: This was Danny Mitchell's UFC debut, it wasn't a great debut but I've seen much worse. It was a close fight, it was a terrible fight but it was a close fight. I think Mitchell will get another fight in the UFC. I'd like to see him face Mike Rhodes next. This fight makes sense to me ranking wise and I think its an interesting fight. Mitchell could also fight Wang Sai or Bobby Voelker.


Gaudinot should fight The Winner of Jorgensen vs Formiga - Reason: Louis Gaudinot looked fantastic in that fight. He jumped on a choke early, knew he had it locked up and finished the fight. It was very impressive stuff, one of Gaudinot's best performances inside the Octagon. I'd like to see him face The Winner Scott Jorgensen vs Jussier Formiga next. This fight makes a lot of sense to me ranking wise and I think it'd be a very fun fight. Gaudinot could also fight The Winner of Ozkilic vs Ortiz or The Winner of Cariaso vs Smolka.


Harris should fight Seery - Reason: Phil Harris did not look good in that fight and hes probably in danger of being cut. He has lost three out of his last four fights but since the UFC's Flyweight division is still lacking depth I think he'll get another fight. I'd like to see him face Neil Seery next. This would be a rematch, they fought years ago and Harris won by UD. I think its time for the rematch. I like this fight a lot, Its a striker vs grappler fight and I always enjoy those. I think it'd be a great scrap. Harris could also fight Josh Sampo or The Loser of Jorgensen vs Formiga.

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