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TUF Brazil 3 recap: Wanderlei Silva blasts Chael Sonnen for using poor children in his jokes to 'make a few bucks'

Brazil has no internet, is populated by whores, and has streets lined with poor children, all of which are funny to Chael Sonnen, according to his fellow TUF: "Brazil 3" coach Wanderlei Silva.

Ethan Miller

Wanderlei Silva is mad.

Not because Chael Sonnen called him a stupid immigrant who shares a bed with the Nogueira brothers, or because he referred to "The Axe Murderer" as a "walking punchline," but rather because "The American Gangster" will go to any lengths to promote himself as a mixed martial arts (MMA) star.

Even if it means laughing at homeless children.

"This guy offended us. He called my country a jungle and said we don't even have internet. He called our women whores. To say things and then say it's only promotion doesn't work. The guy makes jokes about homeless children. We walk in Sao Paulo and see the children in the streets and it's painful. You use poor children in your jokes to make a few extra bucks? Be a man! To use other people's poverty to promote yourself is not right."

Did Wandy just pull another "dirtbag move?"

These two were stuck coaching opposite one another on the most recent edition of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): "Brazil," which got underway on the Fight Pass network last Sunday night (click here for our open thread). It's a season filled with high tension and even higher drama that culminates with their fight on May 31.

See for yourself right here.

But whether or not Sonnen is guilty of the crimes he's being charged for remains to be seen. What we do know is that Silva -- and probably a good portion of the Brazilian combat sports community -- have already found him guilty in the court of public opinion.

How about you?

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