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George Zimmerman vs. DMX celebrity boxing match canceled following media outrage

"X" isn't going to give it to him after all.

The White House

Bad news, guys.

The celebrity boxing match scheduled for this March, which had George Zimmerman fighting rapper DMX, has been canceled, after media outrage -- which accused the promoter of capitalizing on the death of Trayvon Martin -- forced the plug to be pulled.

The (cough) "brains" behind the operation, Damon Feldman, explained his position on Twitter (via Deadspin):

"I want to thank everyone for the good and bad comments. I've made the choice to cancel the fight with George Zimmermann, more to life than money. I walked away from a million dollar payday with this fight, but to be honest, I'd rather be happy and make people happy, thank you."

A portion of the proceeds was expected to go to charity.

Zimmerman was acquitted in Martin's death last July in a case that has -- and continues -- to divide a nation. His participation prompted offers from prominent figures around the world, including UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who likely would have kept his junk in his pants in victory.

Unlike this opponent.

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