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Video: Anderson Silva walking down a flight of stairs on his surgically-repaired leg

Broken leg? What broken leg?

Ethan Miller

Mind over matter.

Lest you thought that photo of Anderson Silva lifting weights was a fake (see it here), especially considering it didn't show him from the waist down, "The Spider" has released a new video of his latest activity following emergency leg surgery last December.

Walking down a flight of stairs.

It's actually pretty amazing that he's even walking at all, considering it was less than two months ago when the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight kingpin was lying in a heap in the UFC 168 main event, after snapping his leg in two on a checked kick from opponent Chris Weidman.

All the gnarly details here.

Since his unfortunate injury, Silva has been making incredible strides in his recovery, keeping pace with UFC President Dana White's overly-optimistic timeline for the ex-champ's return, which he estimates could happen before the end of 2014.

Based on this video, I'd say he's got a pretty good shot.

Then again, hobbling down a flight of stairs is a far cry from getting someone's leg buried into your bones, something that will not only happen when he returns to the Octagon, but also in training, as Silva will undoubtedly have to make sure his titanium-reinforced shin can withstand the rigors of mixed martial arts (MMA).

If not, there's always that boxing match.

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