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Michael Bisping doesn't remember Dan Henderson knockout, 'convinced' he was supposed to corner somebody at UFC 100

But, UFC highlight reels make sure fight fans will never forget.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Despite all of his success inside the Octagon, Michael Bisping -- unfortunately -- will likely best be known for getting knocked out by Dan Henderson at UFC 100 in 2009.

That's because the image of him getting pasted by one of "Hendo's" infamous "H-Bombs" has been played over and over in plenty of highlight reels.

Like this one (scroll to 5:45 for the goodness):

But, if you ask Bisping, he doesn't remember getting knocked out on the biggest stage of them all with more than 1.5 million combat sports fans watching. At least that's what he told BT Sport (via Fox Sports):

"I fought Dan Henderson in 2009 and I lost and that was at UFC 100. UFC 100 was the biggest pay-per-view the company's ever done. 1.6 million pay-per-view buys, watched all over the world, and of course I get knocked out cold after talking lots of smack leading up to the fight. So I got my just desserts in that one."

He continues:

"After the fight, I don't remember anything. I remember being in the showers and I didn't have a clue what was going on. I was saying to my manager at the time, 'I can't be knocked out cause I'm not fighting for another two months, what the hell are you talking about?' and then these people come and go 'Michael we need to take you to the hospital'. I'm like I'm not going to the hospital and then I'd say again, 'what's going on', I'd just keep repeating myself. In my mind I thought I had somehow been convinced, I thought I was there to corner somebody, and I had been convinced to step in on short notice to fight.That's what was going on in my head. I was like 'why have I fought tonight? I'm not supposed to fight for another two months! Eventually they coerced me into the ambulance and we're rolling to the hospital and after a while it kind of dawned on me."

Bisping, however, has managed to put that night in the rear-view mirror -- even he doesn't remember it -- to rack up a 7-3 mark inside the Octagon since the loss. Still, he hasn't been consistent enough to earn himself a much-desired Middleweight title shot.

"The Count" will look to make it two in a row on his quest for a championship fight when he meets Tim Kennedy on April 16, 2014, at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): "Nations" Finale in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

And he'll look to avoid being on the wrong side of another highlight reel as Kennedy has proven he has the power in his hands to lay out the best of them.

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