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Jon Jones: TMZ created fake controversy with 'awkward encounter' video of Georges St. Pierre

They were "boys" even before "Bones" was champ and insists they will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has reviewed footage of the "awkward encounter" he had outside a New York City night club, where he ran into former welterweight kingpin Georges St. Pierre and -- initially -- wanted nothing to do with him.

See the video here.

But what appeared to be an "awkward encounter" was nothing more than a fake controversy created by TMZ, as Jones explained during his trip to Capitol Hill (video of that here), insisting that he didn't realize he was standing next to "Rush" until the French-Canadian turned around.

From TMZ:

"Georges is my boy. And that was TMZ doing what TMZ does best, stirring up some controversy, some drama. What really happened was I didn't see him. So when TMZ was like -- ‘Yo! You're with Jones?' -- I was like, ‘Nah, I'm not with that dude.' When I turned around that dude was Georges. I was like, ‘Oh! That's my boy Georges!' It was TMZ trying to start up some mess, pretty much."

See for yourself:

Silly media!

Naturally, TMZ stands by its video and suggests "Bones" may be downplaying the encounter to put an end to all the hullabaloo. If he can't, then his upcoming fight against Glover Teixeira surely will. That's because their UFC 172 headliner will help map out the future of the 205-pound division for the next several months.

But will Alexander Gustafsson be number one contender ... or will it be Daniel Cormier?

Time will tell.

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