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Dana White: Banning UFC only adds to the 'pussification of America'

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Injuries are a part of the sport, argues UFC President Dana White. All sports, not just MMA and football, the two that are the most criticized in recent years.

Victor Decolongon

If you haven't learned by now, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White isn't one to bite his tongue.

So when asked to respond to Donald Trump's recent comments about the dangers of football and mixed martial arts (MMA), White was surprised to hear a critique come from a man who backed the sport early on, giving UFC its first chance to stage events at his own Atlantic City casinos.

Trump was also a financial backer of the now-defunct Affliction MMA promotion.

Nevertheless, White didn't agree with Donald's sentiments that fighting is more dangerous than football, as he recently explained to MMA Junkie.

His words:

"I can't say nothing bad about Donald, man, I can't. Even when he was a competitor of mine, I wont trash the guy. He gave us the opportunity when no one else would. Every time something good happens, he writes me a note to say congratulations. I don't know, It's weird to hear that he said that. I'll say this, I disagree with him. There's no doubt that football is more dangerous with the injuries that happen in football. Listen, we talk about, football and concussions and the dangers and this and that. Everything is dangerous man. My car ride over here is dangerous. What's not dangerous?"

He continues:

"People are going to get hurt. It's part of life. You start taking things away, and it's just crazy, especially something like football that affects so many people's lives in a positive way. It'd be like if you take fighting away. Okay, so we're going to take football away? We're going to take fighting away too? Or any type of contact sport? It's ridiculous. It makes no sense. It's the pussification of America. That's what I keep talking about man, it's ridiculous."

Despite a difference in opinion, White refuses to bash Trump as a sign of the respect he has for their past relationship. Nevertheless, the debate as to which sport is more dangerous is still ongoing and will likely go on for quite some time.

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And White, of course, is sticking to his guns in saying MMA is a far less dangerous sport to participate in that football, and it always will be.

Do you agree?