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Brazilian athletic commission believes Dan Henderson will still get TRT exemption for upcoming 'Shogun' rematch

Because a change in policy in unlikely to come without a formal debate.


Like they say 'round these parts ... in before the ban.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight Dan Henderson has applied for a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for his testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) ahead of his rematch against Mauricio Rua, which takes place on March 23, 2014, at Nelio Dias Gymnasium in Natal, Brazil.

And he's likely to get it.

That's because the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) has not yet decided if it will follow Nevada's lead in outlawing the controversial treatment. If it does, the decision won't come without a formal hearing, in which the governing body will weigh the pros and the cons of fighter exemptions.

Dr. Marcio Tannure explains his position to MMA Fighting:

"It may change in the future like in Nevada. Will it change? I don't know. It depends on what we think is more correct inside the sport. Chael Sonnen didn't ask for it yet. Dan Henderson already requested the exemption, but I don't know yet if he'll be granted. I believe that Dan Henderson will get an exemption for this fight. I don't think we'll change it before that date. It may change in the future, but we need the debate. After that, we'll decide if it's allowed or not. I'm not against or favorable towards TRT."

Henderson has been on TRT for upwards of six years.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) changed the face of mixed martial arts (MMA) in Thursday's surprise ruling (details), which caused a ripple effect that reached as far as Memorial Day Weekend, when Vitor Belfort was originally expected to compete in "Sin City."

No longer.

But until the rest of the world catches up to Nevada, there will be other locales for fighters to compete in while using TRT. For how much longer? That's anyone's guess. Until then, it looks as if "Hendo" will be able to continue his therapy as planned, though the jury is still out on how Sonnen will approach his May 31 fight against Wanderlei Silva, also held in Brazil.

Stay tuned.

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