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Matt Serra: If I had Matt Hughes' job in UFC, Georges St. Pierre would still be fighting

If only there was a "ninja turtle's" shoulder to cry on for poor GSP.

"The funny thing is, I'm the victim here. There's a girl on Twitter talking about a grappling match against Hughes. Then Hughes mentioned it. I said if we're going to do it, I want to hit the guy. Then he says I have to lose weight. Look, I'm a ninja turtle, I'm at my school, and I'm training six days a week. But I like my pasta. I'll put it down for the fight. I don't need anyone make a name off me. I like a legit grudge match between two old champions. I'll fight him for his job. What the heck does he do? Who's going to talk to that guy if he has a problem? GSP with his issues, if I was in that job, he'd still be in there fighting."

Hit the road, Country! Retired Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Matt Serra won't be able to rematch former nemesis Matt Hughes inside the Octagon (thanks to this killjoy), but that doesn't mean "The Terror" can't take a few potshots during his UFC Tonight interview, telling hosts Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian that he could probably do a much better job in the fighter relations department than Hughes, who was promoted to that executive position in early 2013. That includes holding on to Georges St. Pierre, who jumped ship last December to get his head screwed on straight. Sure, they've had their own share of differences in the past, but what problem can't be solved over a bowl of rigatoni?

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