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Nick Diaz: I'll box Roy Jones Jr. because I'm a better stand-up fighter than Anderson Silva

And Diaz argues that dipping his toe in the "sweet science" sure beats waiting for the UFC to call

Esther Lin

Here we go...

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Nick Diaz, who retired from the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) back in early 2013, has considered an Octagon return -- but only if the promotion is willing to give him a fight that makes sense.

Like the winner of Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler, who battle for the 170-pound belt at UFC 171 next month in Dallas, Texas.

If not, then Diaz is going to explore options outside the cage.

Chief among them is a boxing match against Roy Jones Jr., who seems fixated on throwing hands against MMA fighters. His first pick is -- and always has been -- Anderson Silva, but "The Spider" is too busted up to worry about crossing over at this time.

Besides, the Brazilian isn't as good as Diaz on the feet, according to comments made by "the only draw left in MMA" (via LA Times):

"Me calling out Roy Jones is disrespectful. But if they want to do that, want to do something like that, [combining] sports [in a boxing match], I'll do it. I feel I'm a better stand-up fighter than Anderson Silva, who has talked about fighting Jones too. If you want a good MMA-boxer boxing match, there you have it."

Jones Jr., it appears, is ready to accept.

But just like Silva, Diaz would first need permission from the UFC brass, something he's unlikely to get while still under contract. As Randy Couture can tell you, retiring does not free you from your commitments to the ZUFFA brand and Diaz still has work to do inside the cage.

Unfortunately, the only time he calls UFC President Dana White is when he wants wolf free tickets.

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