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Video: Watch Combate Americas full video replay (Episode 1)

It has been 20 years since he helped Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) as its first executive producer, and Campbell McLaren is at it again. One of the original UFC minds returns to the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) with his new reality series, Combate Americas. Watch episode one of the Miami-based promotion's show down in the video above.

UFC's first executive producer, Campbell McLaren, has a new project titled Combate Americas, a reality show series geared towards Latin American fight fans across the country.

The show will follow around numerous fighters that compete for Combate Americas, an upstart promotion that McLaren has decided to lend his services to. The promotion, which is labelled under the same name as the show, will be hosting its first-ever event in May.

The show is currently based in Miami.

Unlike UFC's The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), the fighters featured on the show have the choice to hang out at a host house; however, McLaren opted to put them in penthouses and other residencies with fortunate views, which allow them to feel like superstars.

Focusing on pop culture as well as fighting, the Combate Americas reality show will have guest appearances throughout the season including music stars such as Daddy Yankee and Chino Y Nacho, as well as MMA notables like Royce Gracie and Eddie Alvarez.

The show airs on Mun2 on Monday and Wednesday nights, but we've got the entire first episode for you up top.

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