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TUF China results, LIVE online Fight Pass coverage stream for 'Kim vs Hathaway' on March 1 in Macau

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to Fight Pass this morning (Sat., March 1, 2014) with The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): "China" live finale from Venetian CotaiArena in Macau, China. Get complete, official "Kim vs. Hathaway" event results, live updates and real-time coverage RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Early birds! Worms! International fisticuffs!

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) "China" is set to air its live season finale today (Sat., March 1, 2014) bright and early from inside Venetian's CotaiArena in Macau, China, available only on the "Fight Pass" online digital network.

Headlining the TUF: "China" Finale will be a 170-pound contest pitting rising contender Dong Hyun Kim, as he tries to quell the uprising of top division prospect John Hathaway. In other welterweight action, Wang Sai tries to outlast Zhang Lipeng for the promotion's coveted "six-figure contract."

All that and much, much more. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire TUF: "China" Finale fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 6 a.m. ET, right on through the main card bouts -- also on Fight Pass -- which are slated to begin at 8 a.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the online action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 10) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Kim vs. Hathaway."

Without further delay, see below for the latest TUF: "China" results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Dong Hyun Kim def. John Hathaway by KO (spinning back elbow) at 1:02 of Round Three
Zhang Lipeng def. Wang Sai by split decision by (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)
Matt Mitrione def. Shawn Jordan by TKO (punches) at 4:59 of Round One
Hatsu Hioki vs. Ivan Menjivar by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Yui Chul Nam def. Kazuki Tokudome by split decision (29-27, 27-28, 29-28)
Vaughan Lee def. Nam Phan by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)
Anying Wang def. Albert Cheng by TKO (doctor's stoppage) at 5:00 of Round One
Mark Eddiva def. Jumabieke Tuerxun by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


What's got two thumbs and is here at 5:20 local time?

Me, Stumberg. You ungrateful gits. Let's do this.

John Hathaway vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Round 1: Kim moving forward, lands a good left but eats a knee to the body. BIG right hook by Kim has Hathaway on noodle legs, but he clinches to survive. Big left from DHK connects and John clinches up again. He hits a takedown forty seconds in very briefly Kim back to his feet, comes up short with a spinning back fist on the break. Kim keeps pressing forward and lands another good left hand. Hathaway clinches up and knees the body. They break two minutes in. Kim stalking, takes a flying knee to the body. Kim reverses the clinch and lands an elbow. Body shot from Hathaway. They clinch up at the halfway mark, John pressing. They split. Inside low kick from Hathaway. Kim drops him with a left hand and stands in his guard dropping shots. Hathaway nearly sweeps him but Kim continues landing. Things slow down with ninety seconds left, Kim on top in guard. Nice left from DHK. Axe kick to the body after standing. Kim waves Hathaway back to his feet with fifteen seconds left. He misses a spinning backfist in the waning seconds. 10-9 Kim.

Round 2: Kim continues to stalk. Good knee from Hathaway, Kim takes the opportunity to get double underhooks against the cage. Hathaway avoids it, eats an elbow. Good right hand from Hathaway and a big knee to the body after pushing Kim back. Kim stops a takedown attempt. Another. Hathaway lands a right and presses Kim against the cage. Good elbow from the Brit. Back elbow. Kim denies another takedown and they jockey against the fence. Couple of right hands from Hathaway; both men are tired. Body shots and left hooks from Hathaway. Kim tries to clinch and gets reversed. Couple of level elbows by Hathaway as they exit. Kim smacks him with a big left hand. Hathaway leaning on him against the cage. Both land rights. Big uppercut by Hathaway. Knee to the body. Hathaway starting to control the clinches. Kim uses the whizzer to hit a throw, winding up on top in side control. Kim has the crucifix momentarily. Hathaway trying to use the cage to get out, so far unsuccessful. Double-handed tomahawk from Kim to end the round. 10-9 Kim.

Round 3: Knee to the body by Hathaway. Good body kick. Standing elbow lands. He shoots for a double leg, can't get it, and presses Kim against the cage. Kim exits. DHK tries to charge in with strikes but gives up double unders briefly. Hathaway tries to pursue on the exit and gets annihilated with a spinning back elbow. Hathaway is out on impact. Damn.

Final result: Kim def. Hathaway by KO (spinning back elbow)


Wang Sai vs. Zhang Lipeng

Round 1: Feeling-out process early. Good left hook from Zhang. Low kicks being flicked out by both. Nice right by Zhang. Sai with a body kick. They continue trading low kicks.  Big double-leg into side control from Zhang. He takes the back nicely as Sai tries to scramble. Zhang gets the body triangle briefly. Wai working to get on top of Zhang, but cannot. Zhang locks up a palm-to-palm RNC that looks extremely tight, only for Sai to reverse into his guard. Sai dropping elbows with a minute to go. Lipeng briefly tries rubber guard. Sai dives in with a punch but falls right into a triangle. He gets out and takes Zhang's back with twenty seconds left. The round ends there; 10-9 Lipeng.

Round 2: Inside low kicks from Sai to start things off. Both men miss on punches and Zhang shoots in. Things go wrong and he winds up on the bottom, but manages to scramble up. Sai gets a rear body lock, the ref talling htem to work despite them not knowing English. Zhang gets in on a double and eats some Browne elbows. Sai's takedown defense on point, but he lands an illegal knee.

They don't speak English, you idiot.

Zhang shoots on the reset. Sai is back up in a hurry, though Zhang still has the body lock. Zhang heaves him down and looks to take the back. He is unable to do so but once again throws Sai down when he stands. Sai in turtle position. Zhang gets the hooks in for a few seconds. Sail scrambles on top, avoids a leglock, and gets into guard with a minute left. Lipeng trying rubber guard. Back to vanilla guard with fifteen to go. Lipeng hits him with an upkick before the bell.

Apparently the clock's off, since it goes ten seconds longer than it says. 10-9 Lipeng.

Round 3: Sai again flicking out kicks. He sprawls on a shot thirty seconds in and winds up on top in guard. Lipeng working rubber guard. Ref stands them up ninety seconds in after insufficient action. Good right hand by Lipeng, unsuccessful in his subsequent shot and Sai takes his back after sprawling. Lipeng spins into top position halfway through the round. Sai throwing elbows off his back. Lipeng takes half guard, but Sai manages to get on top and stand in a scramble. Big upkick by Zhang as Sai kicks at his legs. Zhang tries to shoot, gives up guard when it proves unsuccessful. Back to rubber guard. Ref stands them up with twenty seconds left. They end the round throwing bombs. 10-9 Sai.

Final result: Lipeng def. Sai by split decision


Shawn Jordan vs. Matt Mitrione

Round 1: Mitrione whiffs on a right hook in the opening seconds. Good left hand by Jordan met by a flurry from Mitrione. Good inside low kick from Jordan, who presses Mitrione against the cage. He lands some knees to the legs before Mitrione exits. Right hook by Mitrione. One-two lands. Jordan connects with anoverhand left. Another good left as he tries a four-punch combination. Nice left hand from Matt. Mitrione lands a leg kick. Jordan ends a combo with a right uppercut, takes a right hook. Left straight connects for Jordan, followed by a leg kick. Glancing straight by Meathead. Stiff jab. Another left from Jordan. Another. Jordan catches a leg kick and tries to turn into a single leg. He presses Meathead against the cage and lands a couple knees before getting reversed. Mitrione lands a big flurry with fifteen to go . Mintrione pouring on huge punches and Miragliotta stops it at the horn. Nice.

Final result:Mitrione def. Jordan by TKO (punches)


Hatsu Hioki vs. Ivan Menjivar

Round 1: Hioki the significantly bigger man. Glancing flurry from Menjivar, who catches a body kick and takes Hioki down. Hioki counters with a takedown attempt and works his way onto Menjivar's back. He nearly gets the choke locked up on a standing Menjivar, but can't quite get it. He maintains control for a while before Menjivar dislodges him ninety seconds in. Hioki keeps a hook in but Ivan manages to get out. Knees to the body from Hioki, short hooks by Menjivar. Body kick from Hioki. Hioki gets underhooks as Menjivar punches, Menjivar gets to over-under. Jockeying for position against the fence. Knee to the body from Hioki, punch from Menjivar. Hioki hits an outside trip into half guard. Short elbow lands. Minute left, Hioki still on top. Menjivar scrambles up, goving up his back in the process. Hatsu slips off his back and goes for an armbar. Nothing there, so he attacks the leg. Menjivar acquiesces with his own leg attack and gives up top position at the bell. 10-9 Hioki.

Round 2: Menjivar leg kick checked. Menjivar lands an uppercut as they flurry. Left hand connects. Hioki lands a body kick. Hioki digs to the body at close range. Left hand from Hioki. They trade body shots near the cage. Two minutes in and they clinch up. Menjivar knees the body but succumbs to the outside trip. Hioki in side control. Menjivar gives up his back trying to roll out and winds up falling into an armbar. Hioki loses it, teases the triangle, but winds up settling for guard. Menjivar knees the body as Hioki gets his back to the cage, Hioki uses the opportunity to dump him on his rear with a double leg. Hatsu works his way to side control, then back to half guard. Thirty seconds left. Menjivar capitalizes on a Kimura attempt from the Japanese vet to flip Hatsu over and lands a knee to the body at the bell. 10-9 Hioki.

Round 3: Hioki high kick blocked. Body shot from Menjivar. Body kick a minute in. Hatsu flicking out front kicks to the body. Menjivar drops Hioki with a huge right hand. Hioki survives but gets opened up with en elbow after standing back up. Hioki bleeding quite a bit, though he seems steady on his feet. Menjivar hits a short standign elbow near the halfway mark. High kick connects, Hioki with a body kick in response. Another good right from Menjivar in an exchange. Menjivar misses a spinning backfist. Hioki doing a better job of staying out of range later in the round. Minute left. Body kicks from Hatsu connect. Glancing left hook. Hatsu shoots in on a double-leg and gets Menjivar down with about thirty seconds left. Menjivar ends the round looking for a heel hook or kneebar. 10-9 Menjivar.

Final result: Hioki def. Menjivar by unanimous decision


Yui Chul Nam vs. Kazuki Tokudome

Round 1: Nam charges right out of the gate. Big flurry from Nam briefly drops Tokudome, but Kazuki rises and presses him against the cage. They separate and Nam drops him again. Tokudome fighting back and gets briefly dropped a third time against the cage. Tokudome somehow survives and clinches up. Body shots from Nam in the clinch. Nam crushes him with an overhand right as Tokudome tries to push him away from the cage, but is awake enough to get half guard. Back to guard, Nam starts dropping heavy ground-and-pound. Big shots from the Bulldozer. Halfway through the round now, Nam in Tokudome's half guard. Tokudome sits out into a single leg attempt. His eye looks busted. Nam denies the takedown but Tokudome manages to stand. Knees to the body from Nam and they exchange big punches against the cage. Nam sprawls on a takedown and once again sets up in half guard. Tokudome sits up again into a single leg, which Nam sprawls on. They stand and Nam wobbles Tokudome with a left hand. Nam scores a fifth knockdown with a right hand, Tokudome shoots in desperation and survives the round. 10-8, almost 10-7 Nam.

Round 2: Tokudome's eyes are grotesque right now but he can still see. Tokudome presses forward with a three-punch combo and hits a double leg. Nam scoots to the fence, clearly fatigued. Short punches from the Japanese vet. Tokudome continues softening him up and gets a hook in. Tokudome landing a steady diet of short right hands from Nam's back. Halfway through the round and Tokudome continues bonking away. Nam with some back elbows off his back. Nam finally gets back to half guard with a minute left. Short elbows from Tokudome. Round ends, 10-9 Tokudome.

Round 3: Tokudome wobbles Nam with a head kick, only to get wobbled by big punches in return. Tokudome shoots and hits a takedown against the cage. A minute in and Tokudome puts Nam fully on his back. Short ground-and pound from Tokudome. Nam manages to stand halfway through the round, Tokudome gets in on a double leg but Nam winds up on top. Tokudome gets his back to the cage but is likewise put on his back with a little under two minutes left. Tokudome scrambles up. Nam shoots in and hits another double leg. He's attached to Tokudome's hips as Kazuki tries to wall-walk up. Nam pulls his hips back and briefly puts him on his back before Tokudome stands and presses him against the cage. Good knees to the body from Nam. They separate. Tokudome hits a double leg at the bell. 10-9 Nam.

Final result: Nam def. Tokudome by split decision


Vaughan Lee vs. Nam Phan

Round 1: Lee landing left hands early. Right to the body mixed in; Lee's landing his left hand at will. Phan with a left hook. Lots of action, but limited contact after the first thirty seconds. Solid right hook from Lee ninety seconds in. Body kick lands. Right hook to the body. One-two upstairs. Right hook followed by body shots. More body shots and a right hook. Punching combination; Lee is just walking through Phan right now. Halfway through the round and Lee is landing everything he throws. Big right hook and a pretty combination. Phan hasn't landed anything of note with a minute to go as Lee continues to just walk forward landing punches. Phan tries a single, no dice. Right hook by Lee. Spinning back kick from Lee with twenty seconds left. Vicious combo to end the round. 10-8 Lee just based on how little offense Phan had.

Round 2: Lead left hand by Lee, who avoids a takedown and lands right hooks. Body kick and leg kick by Phan. Another leg kick, after which he blocks a wheel kick. Lee with a right hook. Phan leg kick met by a right hand. Lee lands an uppercut, Phan tries to get in on a single with no success. Lee low kicks. Phan lands a hard body hook, Lee answers in kind and Nam adds a second. Two body shots from Nam with three minutes left. Lee to the body, Phan to the body in response. Lee this time, then a right hook upstairs. Phan steps in for a takedown with two minutes to go, is stuffed. Low kick and body shot by Lee. Phan opens up with a good combo against the cage. Lee hits a good one-two. Left from Lee. Low kick. Stiff jab connects with twenty seconds left. Bell, 10-9 Lee.

Round 3: Lee flicking out kicks early. Nam picks up a leg, gets wobbled by Lee's right hooks. Low kicks from Lee intermixed with his jab. Phan unable to close the distance, eats another left ninety seconds in. Flying knee bounces off Phan's shoulder. Side kick from Lee. Another good left hand. Right hook to the guts; Phan just can't reach him. Solid body work from Lee. Left hand with ninety to go. Phan with a right downstairs. Good combo by Vaughan.  Big left straight by Lee. Forty-five to go. Body shots from Lee and a heel kick to the body. Lee shots in with ten seconds left, Nam stuffs it and digs for his own at the bell. 10-9 Lee.

Final result: Lee def. Phan by unanimous decision


Albert Cheng vs. Anying Wang

Round 1: Albert tries a flurry early with no success. Cheng blocks a high kick after a long feeling-out period. Counter left hook from Wang, not much heat on it. Inside low kick. Fast exchange in center card, Wang sneaking in some right hands. High kick blocked. Good lead right from Cheng with 3:00 to go. Another right hand connects after 0:30 of inactivity. Wang one-two is blocked. Lead left hook for Cheng. Wang with a goot left hook with a minute left, starts pouring on strikes. Cheng slams him with a counter right, Wang continues with glancing punches and high kicks. Cheng shoots in with about 0:30 to go and is sprawled in. Round ends in the sprawl. 10-9 Wang.

Cheng's right eye is completely swollen shut and the ref rightly calls it there.

Final result: Wang def. Cheng by TKO


Mark Eddiva vs. Jumabieke Tuerxun

Round 1: Tuerxun looks the part of a bantamweight fighting ten pounds north.

Eddiva with a leg kick early. Hook kick connects for Eddiva. He stops a takedown after landing a right hand. A minute in and all Eddiva so far. He catches a kick and puts Tuerxun on his back a minute in. Tuerxun against the fence, works to butterfly guard. Eddiva goes after the body with short punches as Tuerxun tries to wall walk. Tuerxun up with 2:45 to go, only for Eddiva to take him down again. Solid knees to the body from Eddiva, as Tuerxun is in an odd position with his back on the cage. Punches to the body mixed in with the knees. Tuerxun still taking shots with ninety seconds to go. He manages to stand, takes an elbow to the back of the head thtat the ref misses as Eddiva continues to connect. Big elbows by the Lakay rep in the waning seconds. Bell, 10-8 Eddiva.

Round 2: Low kick from Eddiva, takedown from him is denied. Each stuffs a takedown from the other. Tuerxun gets Eddiva up against the fence, gets reversed via underhook. Short punches and knees from Eddiva once again. He sprawls well, then tries a takedown of his own. Nothing doing but he's in a good spot to land knees. Short punches too. Nice knee from the clinch by Tuerxun met by a right hand. Halfway through the round and they separate. Eddiva stuffs another takedown. Hook kick misses. Solid right hand from Tuerxun, who is gassed. Tuerxun finally gets the takedown with 1:20 left. Into side control against the cage. Eddiva stands, slips in an underhook, and takes dominant position against the cage. Ref breaks them up with twenty seconds left. Eddiva scores a double-leg into side control just before the bell. 10-9 Eddiva.

Round 3: Eddiva low kicks early in the round. Body kick connects. Takedown denied forty seconds in. Eddiva with a sloppy takedown that Tuerxun tries to turn into a back take, only for Eddiva to put him right back on the cage. Takedown from Eddiva at 3:30. Tuerxun stands back up but continues taking shots. Illegal knee from Eddiva, ref doesn't see it. Jumabieke hits a single leg but is so gassed that Eddiva winds up on top. Brief scramble and Jumabieke grabs a Kimura and flips Eddiva over, but can't finish and gets put right back on his back. 1:20 to go and Tuerxun threatens with a triangle. He doesn't have the angle or his shin under his knee, so Eddiva just stands out of it and they return to their feet. Tuerxun fails another takedown with 30 to go and Eddiva puts him back on the fence. Big knees to end the round. Atrocious performance from Tuerxun, good work from Eddiva. 10-9 Eddiva.

Final result: Eddiva def. Tuerxun by unanimous decisioun


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