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Dana White: There is no UFC uniform deal so everybody needs to 'shut the f--k up'

And while you're at it, go back to the hair salon!


A lot of mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters were losing their shirts these past few weeks when news broke that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was in preliminary talks with a major sports apparel brand to develop standard uniforms for all its athletes.

Something UFC President Dana White confirmed late last week.

But since there is no deal on the table (yet) and no details to announce, White is having a hard time understanding why so many people are getting bent out of shape, and would kindly ask that you please shut the fuck up and stop bitching about something that does not exist.

From the UFC 170 media scrum:

"We have no uniform deal. We haven't announced a uniform deal. We said it's something that we're looking into. There's no fucking uniform deal. It's unbelievable. We announced no uniform deal, there is no deal, but people are bitching about it. Shut the fuck up, everybody. When we get a deal done and I come out and announce it, lay out the rules and tell you how it goes, things like that, if that day ever comes, then we can bitch about things and argue about things. Money lost, money made ... it's fucking ridiculous. There is no deal and we're talking about something that doesn't even exist. It's like a fucking hair salon."

U mad?

White was already agitated after being prodded by reporters for the sponsorship woes on Fight Pass (details) and damn near blew his stack when the phantom uniform deal was broached. He also laughed off the idea that Invicta FC import Felice Herrig would lose money if such an arrangement ever came to pass.

See her complaint here.

As it stands, there is a UFC uniform deal in the works, but it's not official, so let's just go ahead and leave the comments section empty. Unless, of course, we have some other topics to bitch about.


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