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Dana White responds to Matt Hughes vs Matt Serra 2: 'No, no ... it just doesn't need to happen'

Sorry, retired mixed martial arts (MMA) folks, Octagon is closed!


If yesterday's heated Twitter exchange between former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight champions Matt Hughes and Matt Serra had you looking forward to a second match between the two bitter rivals, well, it might be time to temper your expectations.

That's because Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White isn't feeling the idea the long-time Welterweight champion Hughes and the short-lived 170-pound champ Serra coming out of retirement to meet one another in what would be UFC's version of a "masters" fight.

Here's what the prez had to say at this afternoon's UFC 170 media scrum (watch video here):

"No, no. Listen, I get it, they don't like each other. It's not even a sideshow -- both great competitors, great champions. Matt Hughes is a guy who helped us build this thing, as did Serra, he was always a great guy to us. It just doesn't need to happen. Where are they going to fight … super heavyweight? I think Serra is out of his weight class now."

That's right, folks, White went there. While Serra has certainly packed on the pounds in recent years, it's probably safe to say he's well under the 265-pound heavyweight limit.

Of even more concern than Serra's weight is the fact that the 39-year-old retired last year because of health concerns, including a pair of blood clots in his arm and lung that nearly killed him. At this point in his life, fighting is probably the last thing he should be doing.

"An aging fighter?" Serra quipped when talking to Newsday last year. "You know, it's like an aging stripper, but not as funny. Not a lot of people want to see that."

Evidently, White couldn't agree more.

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