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Video: Tensions rise at UFC 170 press conference as Daniel Cormier shoves Patrick Cummins during staredown

It just got real! Or did it?

It wasn't exactly the chin check seen around the world, but much like Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 148 weigh-ins, tensions boiled over during today's (Feb. 20, 2014) UFC 170 pre-fight press conference (replay) when Daniel Cormier and Octagon newcomer Patrick Cummins finally came face-to-face.

Indeed, "DC" wasted no time getting his hands on "Durkin," as the former heavyweight turned light heavyweight shoved the former Barista, sending him stumbling back a few steps before Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White intervened.

Think Diego Sanchez and Josh Koscheck's UFC 69 weigh-in confrontation.

Cummins has been getting under Cormier's skin lately -- which helped him get the co-main event fight after Rashad Evans came down with an injury -- by claiming he made the former Olympian cry while helping him train for the Olympic games.

Something fellow Olympian Sara McMann says isn't exactly true.

Nevertheless, it was enough to get Cormier fired up and make him lose his cool. Question is, now that Cummins is obviously in Daniel's head, will it cloud "DC's" strategy this weekend (Feb. 22, 2014) when the two finally get it on inside the Octagon?

Or will it just be more bad news for the UFC rookie once a "pissed off" Cormier gets his hands on him, this time without Dana White there to break it up?

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