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Georges St. Pierre 'Off the Record' full video replay on UFC, drug testing, retirement and more

Host Michael Landsberg sits down with Georges St. Pierre to discuss his hiatus from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), his relationship with Dana White, drug testing in mixed martial arts (MMA) and much more.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre may have stepped away from the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), but that doesn't mean he's not keeping himself in the headlines, as "Rush" begins his quest to "attack" the system.

Read his explanation here.

St. Pierre walked away from his duties under the ZUFFA banner back in December (don't call it retirement) and since then, has been singing like a canary on the topic of drug testing in combat sports (remember this fiasco), much to the chagrin of UFC President Dana White.

What's the ex-champ's big gripe?

That's what "Off the Record" host and fellow Canadian Michael Landsberg wanted to get to the bottom of during their recent sit-down interview on TSN. Check out part one of their conversation in the video player above, as well as part two below.

For more on St. Pierre's MMA hiatus click here.

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