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UFC 169 results: Dana White says decision on Frank Mir's retirement to be made this week

Frank Mir suffered his fourth-straight loss with a unanimous decision defeat to Alistair Overeem last night (Feb. 1, 2014) at UFC 169 in Newark, NJ. UFC President Dana White shared his thoughts with at the post-fight presser about what the future may hold for his former heavyweight champion.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The third heavily-promoted fight on the UFC 169 pay-per-view (PPV) fight card, aside from the bantamweight and featherweight title fights, featured the match-up between Frank Mir and Alistair Overeem (recap).

Both heavyweights entered on losing streaks, and both were rumored to be on the proverbial hot seat if either of their losing ways were to continue. Overeem, currently the number nine-ranked heavyweight, nearly finished the 12-year veteran in the first round, but Mir managed to survive the onslaught and regain his bearings.

Already the owner of the most submission victories in the history of the heavyweight division, Mir almost added Overeem's neck to his mantle (next to Big Nog's arm and Brock Lesnar's leg) after nearly locking in a guillotine attempt, but the Dutch fighter was able to escape. After that, Overeem dished out some heavy damage and went on to a unanimous decision, handing Mir his fourth straight defeat.

UFC President Dana White was not impressed.

The former two-time UFC heavyweight champion has been with the promotion since UFC 34, which took place back in 2001. He will turn 35 in May and no matter how you spin it, four losses is four losses, and three is usually the barometer to which the pink slip in the UFC is measured.

Could this loss mean it's the end of the road for Mir?

"It's not a decision we will make tonight," White told at the post-fight presser (watch it here). "We will get together next week and we will figure out what we want to do."

As far as many being surprised at the fight going the distance, White was among them saying, "It wasn't the fight I expected to see."

Mir may get one more chance due to his long-term relationship with the promotion, and the overall lack of depth in the heavyweight division. He can safely be placed on any fight card and garner interest from fans and media for any of his match-ups.

Of course, after seeing some of the notable names who have been let go by the UFC this past year, his chances of remaining on the roster seem to be completely up in the air after his UFC 169 loss.

Stay tuned.

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