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UFC Quick Quote: Alistair Overeem fought safe and had a crappy performance

Then called out a retired pro wrestler. Awesome!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

"He fought safe. I think he could have finished him. Not a crowd-pleasing fight. He kept his job. The reality is, Alistair didn't try to finish and didn't try to capitalize on any of the work that he had done. It was a crappy performance, in my opinion. Then he calls out someone who doesn't even fight anymore. Awesome. It was not a great night for Alistair Overeem."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Alistair Overeem may have beat the stuffing out of Frank Mir on the main card of the UFC 169 pay-per-view (PPV) last Saturday night (Feb. 1, 2014) in Newark, New Jersey (stats here), but he didn't do a whole lot to impress UFC President Dana White, who sank "The Reem's" big win in "The Garden State" with a less-than-flattering review (via FOX Sports 1). Perhaps it had something to do with "Demolition Man's" inability to finish Mir, who was hanging on by a thread, or perhaps the fact that Overeem used his post-fight interview to call out Brock Lesnar (details), an opponent he already beat back in 2011 and who has since retired from mixed martial arts (MMA). Like White said, not a great night for "The Reem." But at least he kept his job. Maybe it's finally time for that Junior dos Santos grudge match?

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