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Despite third-straight UFC title fight loss, Urijah Faber still 'optimistic' he will become bantamweight champion

"The California Kid" shared his thoughts with at the UFC 169 post-fight presser early on Sunday morning. Despite the loss to Renan Barao being his sixth straight blown chance at a title, the veteran's belief on becoming champ (one day) is unwavering.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Urijah Faber handled Saturday night's (Feb. 1, 2014) UFC 169 bantamweight title fight loss as best as any fighter possibly could. Well, actually probably better than any fighter on earth would have, if put in the same position. Especially if faced with the daunting task of having to speak to the media after losing his third straight UFC title fight and sixth overall.

Sitting up on the dais at the post-fight press conference and dressed in a suit (video here), the 11-year combat sports veteran was poised and ready to answer any tough question about his loss to Renan Barao, the controversial stoppage, and his bad luck in title fights.

It seemed almost uncanny that "The California Kid" was so composed so soon after the loss to Barao. If you hadn't witnessed the fight (replay here), you could almost assume he had won the bantamweight title.

Shouldn't some part of him have been dying inside, after another shot at the title slipped away?

"I'm definitely disappointed," Faber told "For those that know me, I don't consider this my last chance by any means. I took a great opportunity against a tough opponent. The whole camp didn't go my way, but I was optimistic that I was going to get this belt tonight, and I'm still optimistic that I will be a world champion."

"It is a fact that I haven't won a UFC belt yet. I came into this sport at a time when there was no weight class for my division in the UFC. It's not like I have never won a title fight. I just haven't got the UFC belt and I plan on getting that. So, this is another chance. Until I'm off the planet or I quit trying, I'm going to keep trying. That's how I roll."

UFC President Dana White gave his thoughts about those who have knocked the fact that Faber continues to get shots at the 135-pound title.

"If you knock Faber for getting another shot, you are just hating on the kid," White said after MMAmania broached the subject. "Look what he has done in the last year, it's ridiculous. Guys like him get shots because they deserve it. He's one of the best in the world. Anybody who could deny him a title shot is crazy."

But will he get another?

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