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Renan Barao vs. Urijah Faber fight results UFC 169, Round 1

Barao opened with a front kick. Faber responded by catching the next one and firing off with shots that grazed but didn't land clean.

Faber slipped on a kick just over one minute in and the Brazilian tried to take advantage but failed to do so with any real success. "The California Kid" actually came up winging a spinning back fist and smiling.

Happy fun time.

It didn't last long.

That's because Barao came down the pipe with a monster right hand that destroyed Faber. He dropped to the mat, seemingly out, but Barao's follow up either helped wake him up or didn't come fast enough.

Faber got up battling but Barao wouldn't relent. He landed another nasty overhand right and continued throwing big punches with the American turtled up. The referee checked to see that Faber was intelligently defending, he didn't feel that was the case, and he stopped it.

Faber wasn't happy about it, but that was the end.

Barao wins.

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