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Broncos vs Seahawks Super Bowl score 2014: Live play-by-play updates and results, 3rd Quarter

A live blog with up-to-the-minute updates and play-by-play coverage of the third quarter of the Super Bowl 48 game: Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks tonight (Sun., Feb. 2, 2014) in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Tom Szczerbowski


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Super Bowl XLVIII is well underway tonight (Sun., Feb. 2, 2014) from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, featuring the AFC Champion Denver Broncos taking on the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks.

A live blog with updates from the second quarter of Super Bowl XLVIII is below. Remember to refresh often and enjoy the game!



Super Bowl 48 score to start third quarter:

Denver - 0
Seattle - 22


Denver kicked off to start the second half and Percy Harvin took it all the way to the end zone for a touchdown. Just like that, this one is a blowout like no one expected. The best part? Matt Prater kicked it up in the air and shorter than usual in an attempt to give the Broncos defenders more time to get down to cover it. Harvin took it 87 yards for the score anyway.

Denver - 0
Seattle - 29


The ensuing kickoff was brought out by Trindon Holliday but he didn't find nearly the same amount of room.

Denver ball on their own 23 yard line.

1st and 10: Peyton Manning attempted a quick out route to Wes Welker but it was incomplete.
2nd and 10: Manning found Welker on a quick in route this time for a first down.
1st and 10: A deep pass from Manning fell incomplete on a busted route from Eric Decker. Richard Sherman came close to intercepting the pass.
2nd and 10: Manning found Knowshon Moreno on a throw across his body that went  for a gain of six and saw the running back take a shot. 
3rd and 4: A quick in route on the outside saw Manning find Decker for six more yards and a first down.
1st and 10: A screen to Demaryius Thomas picked up four. Richard Sherman was injured on the play.
2nd and 6: Manning found Thomas again, though he picked up only three on a short pass over the middle.
3rd and 3: No play. Penalty on Seattle, neutral zone infraction. Five yard penalty gives Denver a first down.
1st and 10: Manning took a shot to D. Thomas deep down the field on Sherman, who returned for the game, and the pass fell incomplete. It looked like Thomas interfered with Sherman there to avoid an interception.
2nd and 10: From the shotgun, Manning tried to hit Welker but he dropped it after a hit from Kam Chancellor.
3rd and 10: A quick draw to Montee Ball went for a loss of a yard. Denver can't get anything going.
4th and 11: Shockingly enough, the Broncos are punting here. This is the dumbest decision in football history. The punt was fair caught by Golden Tate.


Seattle ball at their own 8 yard line.

1st and 10: Marshawn Lynch cut back up the field for a big gain of 18 yards.
1st and 10: Lynch ran into a Denver linebacker after no gain to the left side.
2nd and 10: A play-action pass turned into a Russell Wilson scramble for a long gain but the play was nullified by a holding penalty on Seattle. That's 10 yards in the other direction.
2nd and 20: Robert Turbin came in at running back and got a carry, crashing up the middle for a gain of three.
3rd and 17: A quick screen out to Golden Tate went for no gain to force a punt.
4th and 17: The punt was a line driver picked up by Eric Decker, who gained some positive yardage.


Denver ball at their own 45 yard line.

1st and 10: Ball ran off the right side and picked up just a yard. That's not going to cut it.
2nd and 9: Manning found D. Thomas across the middle and he turned up field to pick up 10 and a first down.
1st and 10: Manning threw a beautiful pass to Thomas that went for a big gain but after he started running with it, he was hit and fumbled the ball. Seattle recovered. To add insult to injury, the Broncos were flagged for a personal foul after the play, a 15 yard infraction.


Seattle ball at their own 42 yard line.

1st and 10: Lynch got another carry, running into the line and picking up three before being taken down.
2nd and 7: A play-action pass over to Luke Wilson near the marker was dropped.
3rd and 7: R. Wilson went right back to L. Wilson out of the backfield and this time he caught it and picked up 12 for a first down.
1st and 10: Lynch was mauled after getting just over the line of scrimmage for a gain of one.
2nd and 9: Wilson found Lockette for a big conversion on a great throw over the middle for a first down.
1st and 10: Wilson found Jermaine Kearse and he broke something like 15 tackles on his way to the end zone for a touchdown. An absolute mauling.

Denver - 0
Seattle - 36


The kickoff was a touchback.

Denver ball on their own 20 yard line.

1st and 10: Manning found Ball out of the backfield but there was a penalty for holding. No play, 10 yard loss.
1st and 20: Welker caught a short pass over the middle and took a big shot after a gain of just three.
2nd and 17: J. Thomas caught a pass to get across the 20 yard line for a gain of eight yards. 
3rd and 9: Manning went downfield but couldn't complete the pass to D. Thomas. The reason? He was being interfered with and the referees made the call to give Denver the first down.
1st and 10: Welker picked up a first down with an inside hit near mid-field.
1st and 10: Another short pass over the middle leads to 11 more yards and a first down. Seattle is giving up the little chunks of yards.
1st and 10: Manning took a shot down the field and found Welker, again over the middle, and he got out of bounds after 22 yards inside the 15 yard line.
1st and 10: Manning found D. Thomas in the end zone for a touchdown. There goes the shutout. The two-point conversion attempt was successful.

Denver - 8
Seattle - 36

That's the end of the third quarter.


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