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Pic: Lyoto Machida's foot swollen and grotesque, but somehow not broken

Or as our own Tommy Myers so eloquently put it, "It looks like he stepped on a pile of fire ants."

MMA Fighting via Derek Kronig (@blackhousederek)


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight contender Lyoto Machida did not break his foot during his five-round unanimous decision win over Gegard Mousasi (watch it) in the UFC Fight Night 36 main event last Saturday night (Feb. 15, 2014) in Brazil.

Not that you would know by looking at it.

X-rays were negative for "The Dragon's" left claw, according to MMA Fighting, who also shared this pic on Twitter (via Derek Kronig) of just how swollen and grotesque Machida's foot became after he used it to bludgeon "The Dreamcatcher" in the first half of their fight.

His words:

"I believe I hurt my foot in the third round. I stopped with the kicks, but I have other weapons that I used, but couldn't finish the fight. (The injury) didn't change the fight. That's not an excuse."

He couldn't finish the fight, but that has more to do with the toughness of Mousasi than the finishing ability of Machida.

The Brazilian moved up a few spots in the middleweight rankings (see them here) and will likely move on to face the winner of Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Belfort, who battle for the "All American's" belt at the UFC 173 pay-per-view (PPV) event over Memorial Day Weekend.

If not, then Michael Bisping and Jacare Souza remain viable options (via MMA Fighting).

"If they want to give me another fight, someone well ranked, a fight that makes sense for me and the UFC, I would take it. Jacare would be a good option, and Bisping would also be another good option. I'm waiting for their decision."

Machida is also content to wait for the outcome of UFC 173.

See more on the "Weidman vs. Belfort" fight here and get all the results and fallout from last weekend's UFC Fight Night 36 event by clicking here.

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