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Chris Leben can't afford a counselor because UFC left him 'broken with nothing'

No matter how you interpret the "Crippler's" last tweet, it's not a good one.


Well, this is probably not the kind of thing you want to hear from a former mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who not only spent the last 10 years getting punched in the head, but one who also spent the better part of his career battling substance abuse.

Chris Leben is wishing he would have become a truck driver, rather than a hard-hitting middleweight, so that he could at least afford to pay for a counselor. Instead, he's been left "broken with nothing," according to his most recent tweet, because he chose the latter.

"I wish I would've drove a truck the last 10 years, then at least I'd have insurance to see a counselor. UFC left me broken with nothing."


After losing four straight, Leben retired from active competition just last month.

By his own admission, "The Crippler" spent most of his earnings on illegal drugs and was even suspended on two separate occasions for banned substances, following bouts against Michael Bisping at UFC 89 and Mark Munoz at UFC 138.

Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) granted Leben a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for the prescription medication Suboxone, typically used to help recovering addicts overcome an opiate dependency, ahead of his loss to Andrew Craig at the UFC 162 event last July.

While he was unable to get his fighting career back on track, the former "Ultimate Fighter" insisted he was "better" and would now turn his attention to coaching, which would not only keep him involved with MMA, but also draw upon his experience as a cage fighter.

For better or for worse.

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