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Tito Ortiz steps down as Cris Cyborg's manager, asks UFC President Dana White to 'put up or shut up'

Because "The People's Champion" believes "Cyborg" will never get a fair shake from UFC, so long as he's the one to represent her.

Ethan Miller

Cristiane Justino is no longer in the Tito Ortiz business.

That's because the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Hall of Famer stepped down as her manager earlier today, believing that his bad relationship with UFC President Dana White (details) was keeping "Cyborg" from getting a shot inside the Octagon.

The former "Bad Boy" released a statement to Inside MMA:

"I can live with Dana not liking me but what I can't live with is Dana using me to hurt someone else. I've taken abuse and maybe I deserved some of it but Cris is a beautiful person and great athlete and doesn't deserve to be insulted like this.

I don't understand how Dana lets his hatred towards me hurt the UFC and the fans by not making this fight.

He accuses her of still using banned substances and say that she isn't worthy of fighting Ronda yet a year ago he personally called me to make the fight happen.

I'm also tired of Dana accusing Cris of using banned substances. I challenge you to put up or shut up -- Test her or stop lying about her -- Cris is a beautiful woman inside and out -- don't insult her on her looks, she may be tough as nails but she still has feelings."

Read his full statement here.

Justino flirted with a UFC contract in early 2013, but ultimately failed to come to terms on a fight against Ronda Rousey, who was instead paired off against fellow Strikeforce import Liz Carmouche for the promotion's first-ever women's pay-per-view (PPV) headliner.

Ortiz claims he wanted a three-fight deal, but UFC was offering seven, take it or leave it.

In addition, White took the opportunity at a recent media luncheon to unjustly bash "Cyborg" for her looks, comparing her to Wanderlei Silva and accusing her of being on drugs. While Justino was popped for steroids back in 2012, there are plenty of fighters under White's employ with similar transgressions.

One of them is fighting for the middleweight title at UFC 173.

In any event, Justino can now operate freely without the services of Ortiz, but that may not get her any closer to the Octagon. She's currently signed to the Lion Fights Muay Thai promotion and will return to the ring on March 28 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For more on that fight click here.

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