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Video: Brittney Palmer teaches hapless UFC fans how to score on Valentine's Day

Just not with her...

If you take your girlfriend to a hockey game and she ends up making out with the guy next to her for the "kiss cam," then chances are, you done f----d up somewhere along the way.

Probably started with "taking your girlfriend to a hockey game."

To help combat poor decisions when they matter most, we'll defer to the expertise of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer, who aside from looking incredible in videos like these, is rescuing hapless mixed martial arts (MMA) fans from themselves (you know who you are).

And she's starting with Mr. Hockey Fan.

But there is more to Valentine's Day than just flowers and chocolate, so sit back, take some notes and let the first lady of MMA show you how to end the day on a high note. And if you don't have a special lady in your life, then end it on a different kind of high note.

It's all the rage these days.

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